Orc Male Base HD Model (WoW)

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Another one base model and now it's orc. As far as possible, I will update this model, as well as post models of other races when they are more or less ready.

Now about this model:

1) Model has 317 animations. Some of them are repeating, if I understand right. May be there are still some face pose static animations.

2) I added 3 animations: Decay Flesh, Decay Bone, Dissipate.

3) I fixed a lot of geometry, so it looks nice in animations.

4) Model has fixed normals on all capes, tabards, skirt and any flat geoset on model (no more dark spots on model). ONE MOMENT! DON'T FORGET TO RECALCULATE NORMALS IN RETERA WHEN YOU FINISH YOUR CHARACTER.

I want to ask one thing, when you will share character models which will be made on this base model, don't forget to mention Vulfar as a kind gesture:peasant-rolling-eyes:

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Orc Male Base HD (Model)