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Orb of Annihilation against destructibles

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Hello guys,

Is there a simple solution to make Orb of Annihilation and Quill Spray hit destructibles?

If not, can we make a simple trigger that calculates the time of impact with the distance between the unit and the targeted destructible + the missile speed (which is 1500) and somehow when the unit attacks a destructible we wait a certain amount of time then decrease the destructible's life by 50 for example. (Math was never my friend)

There's no need for an exact solution or a complicated trigger with damage detection etc. Just decrease the life of the targeted destructible.

Thank you.
Level 23
Aug 29, 2012
I guess you can create an event with "Unit Begins Casting an ability", put your ability in the conditions, store the target destructible in a variable, then use a wait (distance between the caster and the target divided by missile speed) and kill/reduce destructible's health.

That wouldn't work for AoE damage though, but it should hit the destructible. If they are a valid target type for the ability, that is ^^
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