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Oracles are support casters of the Brotherhood of Taurus, can initially cast Inverse Magic, can steal spells from enemies. Can also learn Life Transfer and Far Sight.

Oracle (Model)

Oracle Portrait (Model)

Oracle Icon (Icon)

Level 11
Feb 23, 2020
I showcased some easy imporvements you could make to the model to make it more useful.

Downscale the ghost chest armor, because it is huge on the petite Sorc. And it was clipping through the white "cardigan".
Make the ghost hair fit the head. (I just cut the rest of her ears, because they were clipping through it)
I only removed the shoulder pads to see the unit more clearly. They can stay, but need to be downscaled a lot.

As for the glowy effect on the armor and hair, I'm not sure if those could be removed or not. Hair would definitely make more sense if was some normal colour. Or the entire unit could use a similar skin colour and it could be like a frost witch or alternate form for a frost mage. The way it is, those two pieces stick out too much.


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