Open Staff Positions


Site Director
Level 47
Jan 1, 2006

Greetings everyone!

We hope you've all had a wonderful holiday and ready to start a new year! We have many things planned for Hive in 2022 and can't wait to start the next chapter in Hive's history.

However, as the site grows, so does the need for more staff members. Below you will find a list of vacant positions. We look forward to reading all applications!
  • HD model reviewer
  • Ported model/icon/skin reviewer
  • Code reviewer
  • Reforged map reviewer
  • Melee map reviewer
  • Skin reviewer
  • SD icon reviewer
Generally, new recruits are handpicked, but sometimes that is not enough to find candidates for the job. There are cases, however, when a user offers his or her services on their own, and we've decided that this is the way to present that outlet formally. To apply for a position, create a thread in staff contact.

Please make sure to include: 1.) The position you are applying for, 2.) Why you are applying for this position, 3.) What makes you qualified for this position (include examples and possible experience). We also encourage you explain anything else you would like to include in detail. Or, if you're unsure, you can ask more about the details of the position itself.

In addition to expertise in their fields, we expect our staff members to be as impartial and responsible as possible when performing their duties. The site rules apply to everyone and it is imperative that staff members lead by example.