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Object Editor not exporting properly

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Level 14
Dec 12, 2009
Everytime I export the Object Editor data and import it into the AI editor, the heroes aren't getting the right spell lists to learn.

I only noticed it after I switched spells around a few hero abilities for testing purposes. Occasionally data is succesfully exported properly, but I don't know why it's not everytime. Clearing the previous list has no effect, and neither does overriding the previous saved .w3o file.

I've tried reopening WE and restarting my comp, and to no effect. By saving the data in different locations on my computer (desktop/folders) I can get a different object data file imported. It's as if the AI Editor is importing a previous import, even after I've deleted it.

Is my map corrupt, or am I not importing correctly? Will this affect the AI's ability to properly learn skills?

Not open for further replies.