Numerous Hosting Difficulties


Hosted Project 2PC
Level 21
Jul 16, 2007
I've noticed quite a few people are having trouble hosting this map one way or another.

Some people cannot find the map in their folder.
McQva found the solution to this here

Some people have their friend instantly disconnected when trying to join the game as shown by the post by Twizter from a while ago here
Though I have experienced this error myself when playing with other hosters. I THINK its a hosting problem, not a map problem. So I'll dismiss this.

A good number of people are having difficulty hosting the second map (and every map from then onwards)
When they host it they are booted back into the lobby.
3 people have reported this on this thread alone: pages 4 and 5
At first I thought this was because people were not using the latest patch but now I'm not sure what the cause is.

If anyone knows anymore about it please let me know!