Northern War

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------------Hell_Master Presents------------

Northern War
Created by Hell_Master

Map Info:

After the war between the Human and Demons at this frozen civilization, it has been abandoned but a new clash between the four races created a new war which will be in the land so-called North Point.

This is a 2 player melee map which I made. I updated the old one into something bigger with a new terrain, hope it is quite improvised though.


  • 4 Gold Mine
  • 12 Green Camps
  • 6 Orange Camps
  • 1 Red Camp
  • 2 Goblin Merchants
  • 2 Goblin Laboratory
  • 1 Fountain of Health

Some else stuff about map:

Shows other stuffs about game:

  • 3784 Doodads

Screenshots and Videos:
None of this moment. Screenshots will be uploaded later!

Change Log:

Here, will be shown the different updates in each version if incase there will be updates in-game.

  • Released

  • Updated the map with a new map dimension.
  • New terrain, bigger and better
  • More balanced creeps
  • More neutral buildings

  • Updated the terrain a bit. Covered Creep Camps to avoid player loc issues.
  • Deleted Fountain of Mana on middle and left with only Fountan of Life. Also added a red creep camp there

Author's notes:

Hope you enjoy this melee map from me. Feedbacks, Suggestions or critics is greatly appreciated but please refrain from being so negative and be neutral on doing so.

Map Description Template Created by -Kobas-
Find more here: Map Description - Templates

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Northern War (Map)

19:01, 7th Jul 2013 Orcnet: :)
Level 26
Oct 28, 2011
Well the layout of the terrain is pretty much meh, its too simple in my opinion considering that the map is also small but I'll give you props for the nice execution on the designing. I'm not really a fan of the way you brushed the tiles but I think it works well for IG tileset. Well about the gameplay I think you should still consider that there are people who prefer to creep early game but well it really just depends on the players. Oh and NE have a big problem here if their enemy attack them at the start since Wisp cannot attack. I think the item drop of the map is fine but I still prefer the more random custom item drop base on item level. Oh well its a good 3/5 for me.
Level 29
Nov 29, 2012
Thanks for the feedback. There are only few creeps here due to this is more of a PvP melee and not creep grinding much melee and also for the terrain, on the next update I might make a terrain revamp maybe.

For the Wisp, I tested that and the creeps didnt attack the Wisp, I will have a double check.

Thanks, this is really a useful feedback!

+4 REP
Level 13
Jan 30, 2012
wow, i'll try this

Edited: Come with review :grin:
the map is pretty good my opinion.. but the starting point is too small, you design it very well.. but it's no use if we can widened our base right?
at least you can make starting creep like usual melee map.. but you don't
the terrain is damn cool but too small
well its a good map 3/5
+REP <3
Level 29
Nov 29, 2012
Thanks for the feedback there... for the starting point, yes its quite small but the problem is if I will make it big I will have to start a new map for that and also for the starting creep.... what do you mean? Are they too hard? If yes, just dont attack enemies from the Cells because they are all at high level and it will be a risk if you are not ready.

+4 REP for the feedback!

Oh guys, will need to spread for both of you Divine and SoJ.
Level 30
Jul 31, 2010
Map sucks that I accidentally pressed the delete button! and -Kobas- told me in private message that he felt dizzy seeing this in the pending section, I'm sorry this is not acceptable I must reject!

lol joke, but really there are possible reasons that the map needs some excessive work:

-The map is tiny, too tiny that is isn't capable of giving space to both each players in real-time game play

-Early tech players can easily find and kill the upstarting player that the game ends too fast(e.g siege units, air units, micro etc.)

-The Creep out spots is really few, plus those 4 bordered demon region is way too much just for a 1v1 melee on a tiny scale(btw in warcraft lore: the draeneis are trying to survive in the world of outland due to demons attacking them everyday so its quite odd to see a small pack of them in the realm of Azeroth, especially on wintering continents)

-The most important thing when it comes to melee, Expansion(Additional Goldmine), without it the game really must end in such a early scale.

In total, Gameplay needs to and always have to stand on their feet, Terrain layout is a good show but if this will be entertained into the melee fighting grounds, I probably guess there would be a lot of problems going on.

Sorry there mate, but this has to go down :( (actually :>)
Level 29
Nov 29, 2012
Yeah, I do noticed that too just now. Maybe I will make this a 4 player or 2 players with lots of creeps. So learned a new lesson today about doing melee map btw, guys I am now starting it from scratch once again and I've been succesfull on doing the form of the original map which will be now easier again to make the map.
Few bro tips:
- Cliffs/Rivers over trees, because base should not be exposed from all sides.
- Creeps should never be placed as group of 1 (single creep), or in such huge AoE (near gold mines, reduce space between units).
- Tiles are really bad, you can see size 2 terrain pattern all over the map.
- Remove empty space between trees.
- Place Tavern on map center, or go with only 1 fountain.
- If you go with 1 fountain, guard it with red creep camp and drop artifact.
- Item drops should be random, not map maker decided.