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North VS South

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
this is my first map that i created on my own completely from scratch basically there are 5 players on each island connected by a goblin shipyard and a waygate directly next to 1 player on each island who is deisignated as the defender. i have gotten messages saying that there isnt enough build space at the start but i did that on purpose the point is to chop down a few trees first so people dont advance straight away at the start of the match. enjoy and comment.It is a melee map that is fully compatible with AI and i do not mind if people add stuff to it in world editor because some people may have better ideas for the map , but i must be put in the credits. i am currently doing another map that is based on this one but i am going to clear up the edges and not make the landscape look square.

North VS South (Map)

10:49, 24th Mar 2013 Orcnet: needs more love and care, please see my comment




10:49, 24th Mar 2013
Orcnet: needs more love and care, please see my comment
Level 30
Jul 31, 2010
the map is very simply made and lacks enough game play to make it out with, there is too much neutral passive units scattered around the map plus passive heroes standing in those single cliffs

about the game play, players will have a hard time stretching out for resources and space since all of them are too near to each other and only has a few creep camp to deal with the west-southern part of the map is too problematic where it has 4 mercenary camps? that's too imbalance when it comes to melee games

this map needs more work and improvement, if you want to salvage this please redirect it in the Map Development thread for more help and feed back, good luck then