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blizz made it but i did alot of custom races i will update it soon please be nice this is my first upload human are blood elves undead will be special undead u will love em orcs will be goblins night elves will be tree people

terrain will be updated
the wood elves are almost out u will love em:)

same with the shops ill make some and ill make custom items and voices for the races ill have to redo the items and shops

thanks for all the models people how made them if u would comment and wisp me and then ill add ur name so please do so and tell me what unit too

blizz ,custom ,races, wood elves, orc,blood elves,fel orcs,terrain,best map ever,

Nighthaven (Map)

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Jul 13, 2011
please rate this is my first map redone my bro wanted this so i did it i will updte the races very soon so dont be mean about that please rate and download

i will also redo the terrain so dont laugh about that too i used to have another account from last year but i forgot the user so :(

well they are soon gonna be here
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