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NEW WEBSITE COMING SOON (Questions on how to better my website)

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Level 5
Dec 15, 2011
Hi everybody im creating a website that i hope will be the perfect modding community for almost every moddable game you may know of. the website is down until i finish creating the FAQ, FIle Catalogue, and the Forums but i was hoping that you the possable consumer/user could help me better my site.

for starters what kind music genre would you choose to listen to while on the website?

what kind of part of the forums would you like to see?

what gamer mods/retexts/files/etc are you looking for?

what should i put in my forums? (my forums should have a little something for everybody so what would you like to see?)

we do need future moderators and maybe an admin or two.

what i am trying to do is make a multipurpose forums, and pc game modding community website and i hope i get many people to join

now im not trying to steal anyones fire of their own website i just want to make mods 1000% easier to find instead of having membership of multiple websites and having to remember so many passwords lets just cut the brain trauma in half.

if you have questions about the website or if you are answering my questions post both here

thank you for your time

(P.S. i hope the site owner for this website isnt mad for me posting this if he is he can delete this right? im just asking for help to get started with my own site)
Level 17
Jul 17, 2011
concentrate on including more content from popular games such as call of duty or wow nobody is gonna come if you make it about games no one plays, also anime and hentai are somewhat needed as they attract nerd players. it will basically make people go there for more than one thing :ogre_hurrhurr:
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