New Map, Invocations

Level 2
Aug 27, 2010
This is a new map I made and I think it has a new idea of gameplay in it.

In general, this is a normal melee 2 to 8 player map with mottled maximum population.

But in addition your heroes have a more important role because they can invocate/summon up to 40 different kinds of creeps that will fight for you. Of course you have to achieve these special items first. Each invocation has unique abilities to use and can be upgraded twice.
But there are several rules/restrictions that make this map not a just-go-all-out-and-win map; it's rather important to choose and summon wisely and tactically use oportunities and weaknesses your enemy has.

I hope you test and enjoy this map and maybe give me feedback.


  • Invocations v.3.1.w3x
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