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Need Japanese Models!!!!

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Level 1
Jan 18, 2008
I'm currently starting a feudal japan style rpg map, but am having trouble finding them on the site.. ive searched japan, japanese, samurai, and ninja, in both models and skins area and have come up with very few models

i'm looking for any models i can get my hands on

I'm Looking for all the Japanese models by Black_Stan since they are exceptionally done, Thank You Black_Stan for being good at what you do...

models im looking for:
Japanese Peasant
Varying Samurai Models (any)
Samurai wielding bow
Samurai wielding katana
Samurai wielding naginata
Various Japanese Buildings
Japanese Foliage (trees bushes ect.)

please help
Level 3
Nov 22, 2006
I didn't uderstand if have or not Black_Stan models, but if you haven't send a PM to me and i'll gladly give them for in the condition that you give full credits to Black_Stan for the models and icons he made
Level 6
May 3, 2007
Didn't know someone actually labeled a model they did JapaneseHouse :p The 3rd link you gave him was actually Huang Zhong who was supposed to be a Chinese Officer though the model is very poorly done. Like Arthas_Rulesz I carry Black_Stan models but I charge administion :p I have around 33 Black_Stan models stored on my pc. I think that's the number last time I counted. And for more japanese style buildings or subsition if you can't find what you need, search for Pandaren stuff on the hive. Alot of the pandaren building's are based off of japanese style buildings. But I have yet to see a Japanese Peasant model. Oh, and search up Japanese Cherry Tree if you want that doodad :p
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