Need Help With Spell!

Level 5
Feb 14, 2005
Ok im making a spell to be added to the spell section, but it has a flaw, its almostt like a nova, except it circles all around the caster getting smaller. BUT I cant get it to do damage at the right place or time, because units around him(Not hit by the bolts) get damaged for no reason. Pelase Help!

The Trigger is.....

Unit Group- Pick everyunit in (units within(700-40)of((Postition of (casting unit))offset by (700-40.00)towards(5x((Real Integer A))))degrees))and do (actions)

If(All Condtions Are Tre)Then Do(Then Actions)Else Do(Else Actions)
((Picked Unit)is a hero) Equal to False
((Picked Unit)belongs to an ally of(Owner of casting unit)))equal to false.
Unit-Order(Triggering unit)to damage(Picked unit)for 50 using attack type spell, damage type universal.
Level 7
May 16, 2004
Oh I also have been trying to make a nova type spell, for mine the conditions when picking units was something like:
Condition- Distance between caster and picked unit Greater than (some value) and Distance between caster and picked unit less than (some value)

By doing this you can state an area each time it picks, so it gives the illusion of a moving wave of damage.