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Need Help With Some Spells

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Level 1
Jan 27, 2008
Hi i need some help with creating some nice spells for my map. Already got the icons and stuff and i've gotten pretty far with my map.

1. Frost Bomb (Aoe)

The idea is to make an abillity for the hero to fire ice projectiles at enemy target's inside a range of 700 and dealing damage, and slowing them. It's very simple. but i just cant do it myself, iv'e read alot of tutorials on how to make spells with tiggers and JASS but i cant figure it.

2. Frostbolt

I want it to work like the Firebolt but with another projectile and a small Aoe+Slow effect. I can change the Projectile my self but to do the other things i need help.

Thank's for your time. :thumbs_up:
Level 19
Aug 24, 2007
For frost bomb you can make a dummy casts thunder bolt to slow them
and can use fan of knives as base ability for projectiles

for second make a dummy with frost attack and AoE damage and order it to attack spell target

Additional Tip: To figure out JASS create very basic triggers like
Unit Starts Effect of Ability
Kill Spell Target Unit
and convert it to custom text so you can get what is what
you learn about other stuff later
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