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Need help with skinning

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Level 7
Jan 13, 2008
im ok to skin but when its the hardest stuff to do like light effects and shadows and stuffs like that. im stucked so is there any good tutorial for skinning i mean video tutorial or other is ok to but they should be good so i can learn to become better skinner :)
Level 4
Nov 17, 2007
I think i can explain.............

Think of how the model would look ingame if all parts had no shadeing, it would look 100% flat. Think about a shield like this:

without shading it would look liks this:
(its just an example <.<.) Just image the difference if bethwen what the 2 of those pictures would look ingame, one would look flat and the other like it had shape.

Shading is litteraly:
*Addings shadows to a object to make it look 3d, not 2d
*By adding shadow the object looks like it got a shape, even on a flat screen
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