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Need help completing a map please? :)

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Sep 2, 2011
Hello guys, I'm fairly new here, My friend recently introduced me to warcraft 3 and its been fun so far, Anyway he was working on a map and stopped working on it, So i decided to continue working on it since it seems fun.
Well, i've been working on it and theres just this thing i dont really get , when the map starts a certain trigger activates which allows us the choice of choising the default race (depending on what you picked before the game started) Or the custom ones (He had added naga and demon and dwarf and some others).
How did he do this? I'm trying to add a faceless race(Even though they're ugly as heck, they're interesting :p)
I could upload the map if needed to,Thanks.
Jessica xxx

EDIT: About that,Stupid question but, How do i upload it on here?
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Level 15
Oct 18, 2008
well you better upload it then as we can't tell from that, he could do it in many ways :D
He could have hardcoded it in his trigger - not so good thing
or he could have made a dynamic trigger with a settings trigger to add races
Level 19
Jul 12, 2010
Well, since no one told me i looked on the internet for a free file hoster and here it is:

it's each to manage attachments, when posting a comment click on "Go Advanced" , scroll a bit down to find "Additional Options" and click on the "Manage Attachments" button, a new tab will open and you can upload any files you want, when you are done uploading files scroll all the way down and click on "Close this indow", now all the files you uploaded are attached to your post...
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