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Need a Hellgate:London Model

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Jan 10, 2008
That's right, I need a Hellgate:London Hunter for my map.
The map is a "Apoctolyptic" Future map with Demons, Quests, and many other things. Screenshots will come soon enough, becouse it's only 30% done.
Anyways I'll give full credits to whoever will make this model for me and I'll also throw in some rep. (If the "You need 10 rep to rep" rule has been removed that is... wich I think it hasn't)

Here are some Pics of how they Look:




Now be Glad that this isn't for some "Naruto blah blah Ninjaz of teh Sucky Anime" or some "Sephiwhatever". This is for a actual map without all that Anime crap.

Now if you used the Marine Animations for it that would also be apprestiated.(Or however that's spelled)

Anyways, I know modeling is harsh buisness so I wont mind if it takes a while or so. I just really need it for my map. And trying to tint a normal Marine to look like this is also really,well... Impossible...
I know Pins made a model looking alot like this one but now... I can't find it. Must've been removed or summin.
Anyway thank you if you're even considering this, this is like the Priority 2 of the map.

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