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need 3 models for a hero map

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Level 7
Jan 13, 2008
Lurtz with bow
Faramir with bow

i also need 3 more
LOTR goblin 1 with sword 1 with bow
LOTR mountain troll
LOTR warg
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Level 6
Aug 15, 2007
Um...there is like a really evil looking blood mage somewhere around here. You could use that if you don't mind the fact that he's not white. You'll have to improvise. A request of 6 models is pretty momentous since I'm assuming you're the only person working on this project. With all due respect, without a fullscale team with you, improvisation is your best bet.
wtf no anser :S

a) people are on this site from aroudn the world, everyone is in a different time zone
b) not everyone who views the post CAN help you
c) most people who view the post that CAN help you, WONT help you because: your a noob, you didn't read the site rules and you didn't provide any evidense that your project actually exists.
d) don't double post unless you wait at least 24 hours.
e) making models isn't easy, it takes time, and as I stated b4, your a noob, so noone is willing to spend the time it takes to make a model for a noob.
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