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Type of map: Vampirism Zero-like
Process of map: About 75% Adone.

A remake of the popular Vampirism Zero map.

NOTE: This is a TOTAL REMAKE but with all similarities from Zero so far in this version, to bad to change an already perfect game.

Treants: Create a slayer as soon as possible and take it to either Gold training area or Slayer Training area.
Build a base with towers & walls to defend your worker.
If you lose your treant worker, you will join the Trolls side.
When you think you can defeat 1 troll or more together with the other Satyr slayers, tell the players that you are ready to defeat the Trolls and work together with your slayers to attack a troll or more.

Destroy/kill the Treants bases & workers to defeat the Treant-team.
Buy items & build a Gold Base to make your Trolls more powerful.
Dont forget to pick up the Gold Coins that might drop when you destroy buildings.

If you want a longer camera-distance type: -far
If you want help of what to do, type: -hints
If you want to know what Im working on, type: -nextversion
Host only:
To kick someone, type for example: -kick p2
To feed the vamp with 100 gold, type: -feed1
To feed the vamp with 500 gold, type: -feed2
To feed the vamp with 1000 gold, type: -feed3

Vampirism, naturism, nature, troll, treant, ent, forest, temple, vampire.

Naturism (Map)

21:54, 8th Apr 2009 by bounty hunter2: Do not edit the work of others without their permission, Rejected.




21:54, 8th Apr 2009 by bounty hunter2:
Do not edit the work of others without their permission, Rejected.
>>> BETA TESTED: 10 Times

Updates in less then 24 hours since after upload:
- All teleport-triggers updated
- Win condition bug fixed (it was just deactivated for a map-test)
- Gold supply's life changed to 35.000
- Some Layout changed
- Winning-Condition updated (Hoepfully right this time)
- 1 Major issue
- Spell damage vs Armor added wich was a major bug
- Beta-unit "Slave Troll" added to Troll as a safety if the Troll-player wants to fuse some items. (So the Satyr-Slayers wont get the items he have to drop to fuse)
- Wood supply's life changed to 25.000
- Changed Satyrs mana regeneration to 2 points/sec
- Attack of Treant removed
- Damage of Arrow Towers modded
- Demolisher's Failure-spell removed
- Demolisher's information updated
- Troll Priest's information updated
- Troll slave's rate of following & blinking changed
- Troll slave major issue fixed, can now pick up items
- All Attributes modded
- Demolisher's Damage really huge increased
- Troll's gold mine's now cost 3 food
- New feature that gives every Troll 1 level each 40 sec, intead of slow exp-rate
- Defenders at Slayers exp has their attack increased by 100 damage
- Spells information upgraded
- Trolls got less armor
- Frost tower changed from über to normal
- Winning condition updated... again
- A Message showed to wrong player group fixed
- Map layout updated, lots of gaps & "sneaky" areas removed
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