Nathrezim - Dreadcaller

Nathrezim - Dreadcaller

As the Dreadknights already represent a kind of caste within the society of the Nathrezim, there is also the Nathrezim,
which is the exploration and archiving of forbidden magical arts the highest of all qualities.

These are the members of the so-called "Order of the Dreadcaller".
They are the real masterminds behind the magic of the Dreadlords.
They are more interested in standing behind the ranks of demons and supporting them with their corrupt curses or to study their corrupt magic in the wake of the devilish legions, than dirty their claws on the front lines.

The Nathrezim, who 10,000 years ago in the ruins of a Nightelf-City, brought the first Nightelves into mindless undead using their magic (and thus
laid the foundation for the later Scourge), were members of the Dreadcallers.

These guy is best used (For me) as a debuff-sorcerer for the Legion.
But I've also uploaded a version with "Heroglow", if anyone is interested in him as a hero.

Unfortunately there is no "in-game Speak-animation".
I probably changed something during the strong restructuring of the face, which shouldn't have changed ... until I found out what, he is an in-game ventriloquist. 😅

Nathrezim - Dreadcaller (Model)

Nathrezim - Dreadcaller (Hero) (Model)

Nathrezim - Dreadcaller Portrait (Model)

Approved. Very useful variant of a spellcaster Dreadlord.