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Naruto Ultimate War V 2

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Naruto Ultimate War
Well this is the first map in a hopefully upcoming Campaign. This map in particular is set in the Naruto universe. A new foe known only as the UNF AKA Unknown Ninja Force. Please feel free to comment suggestions as this is me first map ever, I expect there to be plenty to fix.
Thanks in advanced. I may be adding screens later.

  1. Ino(Broken might not keep her)
  2. Naruto in sage mode
  3. Jariya
  4. Asuma
  5. Kurenai
  6. Gaara
  7. Anko
  8. Yamato
  9. Hinata
  10. Ebisu
  11. Konohamaru
  12. Kiba
  13. Shino
  14. Killer Bee

No Bosses yet....
BTW this is only a small demo for the campaign, just to give a little taste of it.

Version Log
Uploaded map
Better terrain
Filled in some open areas
More environment

  1. Malvodion (epicwar.com)
  2. RayJay (epicwar.com)
Thanks to everyone who contributed to this map and or will in the future.

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Naruto Ultimate War V 2 (Map)

13:39, 24th Jun 2011 -Kobas-: Status: Rejected Terrain is just unacceptable.




13:39, 24th Jun 2011
Status: Rejected
Terrain is just unacceptable.
Level 10
Dec 12, 2010
You could make your description a little better by telling a little more about your map. How about telling; what heroes are available for play, are there bosses and if so who are they, what items are on the map, etc.

Also, add some BB Codes to make your description more colorful and more attractive to read. Organizing your sentences into paragraphs definitely helps as well. Really, anything to keep your description from looking like a wall of text is good. :D

Just some tips to get you started on a better description. And remember, a good description always leads to more downloads (unless your map just blows). xD

Now about your map, it looks kind of empty. Actually, it looks a lot empty. You might wanna fill that space with something if you get a chance. :D

Another thing, if this map's gonna be in a campaign that you plan to upload to the Hive, than you probably shouldn't have uploaded it here, but instead made a new thread in the Map Development Forum and attached the map there.