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Naga vs Undead 1.8

Submitted by SirAaron
This bundle is marked as substandard. It may contain bugs, not perform optimally or otherwise be in violation of the submission rules.
My third good ( i think ) map.

Description :
New battle between two fearful races starts again. On two islands almighty Nagas with their leader Illidan Stormrage fights with their biggest enemy - Undeads. And only You can bring one of these races to victory!

How to win ? :
-Undeads : Destroy naga's Temple of the tides.
-Naga : Destroy Undead's Black Citadel.

Map contains new units and building for both races. Undeads can switch heroes from Lich King , Kelthuzad , Anub'arak to Varimathras and his brothers in first 2 minutes of the game by writing -iwantnathrezim .

Changelog :

Version 1.0 :
-Map has been created.

Version 1.2 :
Naga :
-New unit Naga Warqueen added.
-Increased gold cost of mur'guls
-New Hero added.
-Changed positions of some towers.

Undead :
-Added 2 more towers.
-New hero added.

Other :
-Changed income from 250 gold / 500 lumber to 400 gold and 400 lumber.
-Added control points which can actually increase your income.
-Fixed Submerge bug.

Version 1.3 :
-fixed information about income.
-decreased income to 300 gold and 300 lumber.
-new building for undeads.
-undeads can now create ships.
-some naga units are now weaker.
-made cinematic text informations a bit longer so everyone can read.
-creeps have arrived in some places in naga temple.

Version 1.4 :
-New unit for undeads.
-New abilities for skeletons.
-Added descritpion to skeletons.
-Changed terrain areas which become yours when reinforcemen comes,

Version 1.5 :
Undeads :
-You can now type -iwantnathrezim so all normal heroes which you would get will now disappear and you will get control over Varimathas. New hero which joins you will be Detheroc and reinforcement will be Balnazzar. Also you will get a new building.

Other :
-CP now changes owner when their hp reaches 210.
-Increased Wood Income to 375/minute
Naga :
-Lord Of Nagas can now swim.

Version 1.6 :
-Nathrezim now visible when attacking.
-Improved some towers for undeads.
-Big terrain edit of naga island and small edit of undead island.
-Frost Archons , Necromancers and Banshees can now upgrade their attack and armor by normal upgrades in graveyard
-Map descritpion changed.

Version 1.7 :
-Bug when nagas couldnt get out of their temple fixed.
-Fixed some hotkeys.

Version 1.8 :
-Naga Warqueen has got 200 mana now.
-Slightly improved naga towers.
-Added some units to Lady Vash's Army.
-Added 2 small islands with creeps on them.

Credits :

CombatTheWombat for Naga Brute Model and Icon.
m1dY for terrain template.
Bloody_Turds for Naga Dragon Model
skrab for Fountain model
Callahan for Murgul Pool model
jigrael for Warqueen model
willydawiller for murloc fisher model
Kehel for Serpent model
dickxunder for Tidebaron model
shamanyouranus for naga catapult skin
PyramidHe@d for Naga Hound skin and icon
Sellenisko for undead dragon spawn
l0w_kwaliti for Lich King model and icon
CeDiL for warqueen icon
Misha for Frost Archon model.
inico for HD Illidan
jigrael for Death Knight model.

Note :
-If you find any bugs in this version and if you find some unit unbalanced and overpowered please post it there so i can change it.
-Also i dont think that my english is very good so if i made some grammar mistakes please forgive me for them.

Naga, Undead.

Naga vs Undead 1.8 (Map)

21:00, 13th Aug 2010 ap0calypse: Rejected A changelog isn't a description, it's part of it.
  1. 21:00, 13th Aug 2010
    ap0calypse: Rejected

    A changelog isn't a description, it's part of it.