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Well like u now the naga tier doesnt have any Art in their upgrades. So i was wondering if some modeler could do an art type of model that could be added in the same way the Tree of Life upgrades (with an ability art).

By example, some model that is designed to work exactly with the naga tier. Well two models!. One for the up 2 and the up 3 of the tier. And maybe a third for the work anim.

Is that possible?

Still if u dont understand watch this

-M0rbid: Darkfang, one model with the anims included will take less filesize
-Darkfang: M0rbid, hmm you dont understand
-Darkfang: M0rbid, have you seen the tree of life upgrade ability
-Darkfang: it is just an effect
-Darkfang: coordinated with the upgrade
-M0rbid: Darkfang, tier 1, tier 2 , tier 3 ?
-Darkfang: and attached especifically with the tree of life
-Darkfang: M0rbid, tier 2 and 3
-M0rbid: Darkfang, i see
-Darkfang: an effect could save lots of bytes in any map (especially designed to fit the temple of tides for the upgrades)
-M0rbid: Darkfang, well, I cannot help you with effects, sry
-Darkfang: i also wanted a work effect for it that could work with the temple
-Darkfang: T,T
-Darkfang: not necesarily effects
-Darkfang: but particles
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