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My First Terrain

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I made this terrain and want to know how it compares with other terrains. I dont know how good it is, but I kinda like it (its my first terrain that I really put work into). Its one of those dalarian towers surrounded by cliffs.



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Level 12
Aug 19, 2007
Actually its rain with MOONrays.

As redscores says the ice should not be there at all. Add some more shrubs here and there and make better tile variation and height.

Also, since this is your first, I would advise to start out with no custom doodads. This way you will have to put your creativity to the test. But its your choice.
Level 5
May 1, 2006
actually it does rain sometimes when its sunny outside.. thats my favorite type of weather too! :)

But yeah... Too crowded with the rain and moonlight, the ice is weird in a forest type place and theres a pillar sticking out of the ground on one side. :eek:
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