My Battle.Net Version Wrong ?

Level 1
May 31, 2016
Hello guys, I came across some misunderstanding, so yesterday I pre ordered Reforged on my 2nd account and was expecting to get Frozen Throne in addition (coz you can't buy it anymore from Classic Games section on the Blizzards website), after my purchase I started Frozen Throne, logged in my acc but I saw that last news or update on main screen of multyplayer lobby was in 2014 and i looked at players numbers in left corner it said 63 players were online and it did not said it was in frozen throne, it was just written "63 players in Warcraft III (instead of Frozen Throne)" while i was watching WTiis stream, he was also on main screen of multyplayer but in his screen it was different, like "4543 Players in Warcraft III Frozen Throne", can someone explain to me why is this like that ? Thank you.