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Music Contest #3 - Results

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As anyone following the competition knows, we had a bit of a rough time with the judging. In the end two of the participants, both highly qualified, volunteered to give up their position in the contest to judge, I'd like to thank both JetFangInferno and Deepstrasz for volunteering to fill in for this so we can finally wrap up this contest which has dragged on needlessly long after the creative portion had concluded.

For feedback purposes I will leave their entries within the judging, but they will not be given a placing in the contest. Should either ask to have the analysis of their pieces removed I can easily do that.

Theme - 12/15 There is a slow, brooding of schizophrenic symptoms that invokes the theme.

Creativity - 9/10 Good use of panning filters to create a sense of auditory hallucinations. Also, the dubstep part seems like the malignant and worsening of conditions, which is neat.

Dynamic/Tonation - 7/10 Although it flows pretty well, there is very little range in terms of dynamics (lack of crescendos/decrescendos for interest).

Composition - 14/15 There is a minimalist approach to the piece where smaller layers of new instrumentation are added on, each bringing the schizophrenic symptoms into clarity. There is a nice reprise at the end of the beginning melody, which is always a nice touch.

Score: 42/50
Overall: Refreshing to hear the theme undertaken in an unusual genre (dubstep).

Theme - 12/15 Nice variety of instruments to invoke a sense of "dialogue," which is common to those who experience auditory hallucinations. However, it does come off as very comical, which downplays on the severity of schizophrenia and that I find detrimental to the piece.

Creativity - 9/10 Great use of different instrument registers to really highlight the different voices in dialogue (high pitched bells vs. low woodwinds/horns).

Dynamic/Tonation - 7/10 Although there are some very distinct parts where there are noticeable transitions, the song seems, most of the time, lacking in phrasing and dynamics.

Composition - 15/15 The variety of instruments gives a rich texture, both in terms of harmony and rhythm. It's not easy coming up so many parts that work coherently.

Score: 43/50
Overall: Very interesting and whimsical piece, but it falls short in delivering the seriousness of schizophrenia.

Theme - 15/15 Nails the theme with the psychotic and catatonic explosions of activity every now and then, contrasted by the softer but unrelenting dissonant droning of strings and woodwinds.

Creativity - 9/10 Very musical – lot’s of rhythmic, instrumental, and tonal variations. However, the part from around 1:35 to 2:20 just drags on too long without going anywhere for a while.

Dynamic/Tonation - 9/10 Although you’re using atonality, there is a sense of skillful ordering of the chaos and madness. From the grim piano in the beginning to the layering of other clashing rhythms and instruments throughout the piece, there is solid dynamic progression. However, from about 1:35 to 2:20, the piece gets dry as the dissonance just drones, without increasing tension nor resolving it. The part at 2:25 is very abrupt and does its job of surprising the listener.

Composition - 14/15 Fantastic composition: it develops logically from the psychotic exposition to the calmer lyricism of the woodwinds. Then comes the transition that is a little too long, but it leads surprisingly into the extremely agitated and anxious part. It concludes with some woodwinds as in the beginning, creating a nice musical cycle.

Score: 47/50
Overall: Great piece that drives the theme home with good orchestration. Only problem is the long transition dries up interest instead intensifying anticipation for the climax.

Theme - 15/15 Nailed the theme. It screams schizophrenia from all the little details that proliferate the piece.

Creativity - 10/10 Extremely rich variety of instruments, effects, and parts really makes this piece shine, while maintaining the main motif throughout the piece with interest. From techno, to avant-garde, to dubstep, and even rock, this piece is overflowing with ideas.

Dynamic/Tonation - 9/10 Has a strange and modal sound that slowly manifests into moderate atonality, to a more pop harmonization, and cycling back through the first three. However, the transition at 4:30 is quite abrupt and random.

Composition - 14/15 Even though you have tons of different parts and little effects all over the place, the whole piece is tied together to the main melody as it is permuted in both different harmonization and instrumentation. My only qualm is the jarring disconnect at 4:30.

Score: 48/50
Overall: This song is an idea fountain and the incredible diversity and musicality really makes this piece stand out.

Theme - 14/15 Your song invokes the theme well.

Creativity - 7/10 Wonderful use of reversed speech to represent speech difficulties. The driving tempo of the drums later on brings intensity and anxiety into the picture. However, you repeat the same parts too many times.

Dynamic/Tonation - 8/10 Very odd interjections of major tonality amongst the majorly minor tonality that shapes your piece, which is symbolic of disorganized behavior. Good use of the chromatic scale for contrast and illustration of anxiety and paranoia. There is very little variance in dynamics, however.

Composition - 10/15 The reversed voices bring the song to a good start. Then, the chromatic piano kicks in, the drums race forward, and then an exotic plucking instrument highlights the melody. However, this sequence is repeated, although in different order, but falls short in renewing interest.

Score: 39/50
Overall: The song starts off well and has a diverse palette of effects and instrumentation, but it loses interest due to repetition.

Theme - 14/15 Very disturbing and your use of atonality + rhythmic dissonance highlights the theme.

Creativity - 7/10 Fantastic use of rhythmic dissonance by having notes seemingly slam together from the different rhythmic intervals. Difficulty in communication is definitely communicated via the moans and groans playing in clashing time intervals. My only qualm is the lack of diverse parts to add interest.

Dynamic/Tonation - 8/10 Has an atonal feel to it which I believe is appropriate in conveying the painful and disorienting symptoms of schizophrenia. There are little dynamics in the piece -- it stays the same volume throughout.

Composition - 10/15 The buildup in the beginning is good because you can feel the unease building and festering but after that, the song hardly changes at all except for the fact that you remove/add parts here and there.

Score: 39/50
Overall: Fits the theme pretty well, but lack of dynamics and variation hurts the overall piece.

Theme - 12/15 From the haunting voice to the distorted accordion-sounding instrument, the piece highlights “disorganized thinking and speech” well. However, there is little thematic development.

Creativity - 7/10 The aimless wandering of the melody likens to catatonic behavior, where purposeless movements are common. The voice certainly creates a very disturbing atmosphere but besides these two “instruments,” there is very little going on. Of course, creativity is not defined by quantity but even in terms of simplicity, there aren’t a lot of refreshing sounds, or musical techniques deployed.

Dynamic/Tonation - 7/10 Dark and atonal but the lack of dynamics hurts the piece.

Composition - 9/15 The song progresses strictly linearly with little development besides the increasing “solo” activity of the distorted accordion-instrument.

Score: 35/50
Overall: Uses “horror” clichés to invoke a dark and vexing atmosphere but the lack of variance and dynamics causes the piece to lose its shine.

Theme - 15/15 The great orchestration and instrumentation invokes themes of catatonia, emotional disconnection, and hallucinatory dialogues.

Creativity - 10/10 Clear and distinct sub-themes adds interest to the piece. The string dialogues in the beginning are dark and melancholic but soon drama unfolds as the staccatos dance nervously. Atonality slowly creeps in and soon all is consumed by a frenzy of dissonance. It’s like a patient is feeling his/her thoughts go from calm and sinister, to more sporadic and animated, ultimately into a maelstrom.

Dynamic/Tonation – 9/10 A dark and brooding atmosphere transpires from the beginning of the song, and slowly festers into atonal cacophony. Good range of dynamics. The sudden drop in semi-tones towards the end of the piece is musically horrifying (in a good way).

Composition - 14/15 The piece is organized well for the different “personas” are each given their stage time and their intermingling creates a nice sense of dialogue, analogous to the internal ones that befall some schizophrenic patients. Nice use of the clock both in the beginning and in the end as a reprise.

Score: 48/50
Overall: Excellent use of atonal strings to illicit varying schizophrenic behaviors.

Theme - 14/15 There are three clearly distinct “personas” throughout the song, from the trudging yet boastful horns, to the unnerving string section, and finally to the mischievous woodwinds and percussion. I think it’s a great combination of “moods” that highlights different aspects of schizophrenia well.

Creativity - 8/10 The use of the clock sound is creative because it serves a motif in the piece -- a symbol for paranoia and hopelessness as the patient's life ticks away in madness.

Dynamic/Tonation - 9/10 The use of the horns in the beginning creates an overly-ominous sound that seems to exaggerate the madness associated with some schizophrenic patients. There are good dynamics from the silent ticks in the beginning, to the roaring horns, to the creeping string staccatos, and a reprise to the original silent ticking.

Composition - 14/15 The piece is organized well for the different “personas” are each given their stage time and their intermingling creates a nice sense of dialogue, analogous to the internal ones that befall some schizophrenic patients. Nice use of the clock both in the beginning and in the end as a reprise.

Score: 45/50
Overall: Unique take on schizophrenia by introducing medieval tonality and instrumentation.

Theme - 13/15 Eclectic choice of instruments (the clanging guitars, the knocking, and the tapping of the percussion) that do serve to illustrate the theme.

Creativity - 8/10 Although you invoke a dark atmosphere through the use of minors, your repetitive harmonic cadence begins to lose interest after a while. The creepy percussion tapping along with the left-panned knocking are great ways to portray paranoia and hallucinations. The increasing build-up of clashing guitar rhythms further adds to the anxiety.
Dynamic/Tonation - 7/10 Very little dynamic variance besides the sudden crescendo in the end into an abrupt ending. Liberal use of minors to generate a dark atmosphere, which is appropriate.

Composition - 10/15 The song builds up slowly with an increasingly dense texture of instrument variety and rhythms. The song ends rather abruptly but this can be equitable to the grossly disorganized and inappropriate behavior that some patients exhibit. Nothing fancy here though.

Score: 38/50
Overall: Interesting instrumentation is the piece’s strength but the little range of dynamics and lack of diverse parts weakens the overall presentation.

Theme - 14/15 Nice guitar-work for the auditory hallucinations, and the breakneck tempo of the drums adds a sense of urgency and anxiety that befalls schizophrenic patients. Unique take on the theme by adding a resolution in the end from the tension induced by the minors/tri-tones to the release of the major chords.

Creativity - 8/10 The wa-wa amp is a good choice to create a sense of paranoia as the sounds pan from left to right in sporadic intervals. For the "recovery" phase of the song, the chord progressions aren't exactly novel so I felt like you have spiced it up a little more.

Dynamic/Tonation - 10/10 Good choice of minors and tri-tones in the beginning to elicit the disturbing and disconcerting ailments of schizophrenia. There are substantial dynamics from the soft beginning, to the more violent guitar solo, to the soft ending. The transition into major chords is appropriate for the more positive ending in your piece.

Composition - 15/15 Great composition -- every part flows well.

Score: 47/50
Overall: High-contrasting parts that flow well creates interest and ties into the theme in a unique way.


Theme: It made me imagine more than just schizophrenia. It brings me images of dead people, mentally unstable persons, running alone through dark halls, constantly vibrating images of things. 15/15.

Creativity/Originality: The instruments are perfectly chosen for the situation the song creates in my mind. Although there are some minor flaws with the rhythm in some parts. 8/10.

Dynamic/Tones: The idea of this song is to constantly keep you on alert. It comes from an almost tolerable silence to end up with an ultimate shock. The end will be considered by most a sudden burst but it actually fits the whole crowding deal. We can hear the medium bass-like rhythm combining with high and low tones. 10/10.

Composition: It has no flaws in the way it constantly flows. It slowly builds up to become clumpy. Everything makes sense apart form that rhythm glitch. 13/15.

Note that everything here is subjective. Genres are various and must be treated likely !
Totality: 46.


Theme: What is interesting here is that this song gets me to think of a tragic mental disorder which results in brilliant and organized actions. We can hear the varied moods the listener can comprehend, from total insanity to normal and even euphoric feelings. 15/15.

Creativity/Originality: The instruments are basically the deal here. The moods are inspired by them. There are some parts where the piano could’ve proven more softness especially when it comes to chord-key hitting and at the end the strings have a small issue when they’re cut out for too long or less (makes it feel like an unwanted sample). The whole idea of Fracture can be revealed in the short-cut piano and string sounds. 9/10.

Dynamic/Tones: It goes and comes around like it should. The tones are constantly changing. Speed in either increasing or decreasing as to describe the moods. Also there are low and high tone combinations. We can’t say a disturbed song makes sense but it surely fits the theme. The cool idea behind this is that it starts with an ugly face and it ends with a cute make-up. 10/10.

Composition: It makes sense if you’re nuts that is. But key and mood changes are well touched. 15/15.

Note that everything here is subjective. Genres are various and must be treated likely !
Totality: 49.

Theme: I can only relate it to a junkie dancer that would have mind tricks. The song fits a numerous types of themes other than real schizophrenia. Sure we can then conclude to say that high people are schizophrenic. 10/15.

Creativity/Originality: The synths are well chosen. There is this cool groovy atmosphere. It lasts for more than half the song then it suddenly comes down to a screechy preparation part which maybe could’ve ended up in a boom. Also the end is quite sudden. 10/10.

Dynamic/Tones: Apart from that sudden ending things flow constantly with a changing from an agitated to a slow robotic mood. Rhythm, medium tones and pitches combine flawlessly. 10/10.

Composition: Everything makes sense if you will. The downfall is the ending sequence. 13/15.

Note that everything here is subjective. Genres are various and must be treated likely !
Totality: 43.


Theme: As the name suggests it describes a ghostly dance ballad. The idea of mental disorder is quite out of place here. We can imagine that someone is hearing all of this into his head or maybe that someone sees all of this. 10/15.

Creativity/Originality: Instruments ? I can really hear them in my skin too. Spooky sounds shivering spines and raising hairs. No doubt a wonderfully thought musical piece. 10/10.

Dynamic/Tones: About that river of sounds… it could’ve had more space to flow. It gets better and better than suddenly a monster piano comes screaming to you like you should wake up because you’re late for work. That piano could’ve been enhanced with some more reverb and maybe some delay and surely must have benefited from a volume reduction. Then the monster becomes sad for no one listens to him and suddenly disappears (I can imagine this thing as being an apparition for that peculiar particular moment). I won’t include the after end constant silence. 8/10.

Composition: It’s a good idea. But it remains an unfinished one. 13/15.

Note that everything here is subjective. Genres are various and must be treated likely !
Totality: 41.


Theme: What it makes me imagine is a mentally disordered criminal running from the police. The speech in reverse is his way of perceiving the police’s words. Mostly during this chase of a song I can understand he is shooting at people or/and at police. He suddenly gets killed by the police at the sudden end. But if I give it a second thought it makes me believe that the speech is actually a conversation between some doctors/psychiatrists that are in the very room of our patient. His symptoms mark the agitated mood of the song and the it ends with the leaving of the doctors and the closing of the room door. 15/15.

Creativity/Originality: Definitely alerting and agitating rhythm. The medium toned notes are increasing the tense atmosphere. 10/10.

Dynamic/Tones: The tones are just fitting with the constant rhythm. The song has obvious dynamism. It keeps one single mood though. 10/10.

Composition: The start is quite sudden and so is the ending, but the latter can be a controversy. The pause of rhythm is well met just to relax the brain a bit. 13/15.

Note that everything here is subjective. Genres are various and must be treated likely !
Totality: 48.

Mr. Pockets 0…:

Theme: Man this is difficult. I don’t even know where to begin. The idea is good but you didn’t keep it cool. You’ve started fine with the crazy, dizzy, monstrous mood and ended up with something like an out of tune accordion or melodica (blow organ/key flute) which totally looses the purpose of the theme. 10/15.

Creativity/Originality: I can’t say it’s not creative, but I can’t say it’s too creative though. I understand the feeling you probably wanted to give it but it really ended up being random. 5/10.

Dynamic/Tones: It doesn’t really have a base to root harmony. Most of it is random screeching. But the sounds and tones prove to match somehow. I flows like it’s a magma river, you don’t know when it could end and you don’t know how long it’s gonna take because monotony easily comes into play. 5/10.

Composition: The end is abrupt I’ll give you that. Sense-full like the drops of rain music. 10/15.

Note that everything here is subjective. Genres are various and must be treated likely !
Totality: 30.


Theme: Medieval age (which includes time itself) is the best choice as a theme for this song to fit. But wait, there is more ! A king, a lord, royalty or nobleman has a grand idea or scheme to put into action. All of this requires time. We can consider the man insane but brilliant. Schizophrenic he is not but autism full hearty. 13/15.

Creativity/Originality: Really astounding from some points of view. Instrumental harmony is not absent. Truly something to put your ear close when sleep-dreaming. 10/10.

Dynamic/Tones: Sounds just come like nice surprises here. It’s a shifting mood from thinking to acting and doubt as well. The tick-tock rim shot just hits your head so you could get a better glimpse of what’s going on there. 10/10.

Composition: Some parts abruptly breakdown. Also the ending passage is very quick and almost unnoticeable. I like the idea of ending the song as it starts, makes you think the plan didn’t work out and so more thinking must be done (or maybe a new plan ?) 13/15.

Note that everything here is subjective. Genres are various and must be treated likely !
Totality: 46.


Theme: An awesome track. Period™. But sadly it does not make me think of schizophrenic environments. I feel like boxing. It really fits an action sci-fi-fantasy world where you could do almost anything, especially beating things up. 10/15.

Creativity/Originality: The instruments/synths or whatever they are… make an epic atmosphere of that world I imagined. Actually this song makes me schizophrenic. 10/10.

Dynamic/Tones: Well it doesn’t even have to cross one’s mind that this song doesn’t have what it takes to be complete. Tones are quite dark here. Don’t let those bells fool you, this song has more anger/rebellious propaganda than you can feel and believe. 10/10.

Composition: Events flow in this song like perfect synapses. Everything that happens has a purpose that only the listener decides. 15/15.

Note that everything here is subjective. Genres are various and must be treated likely !
Totality: 45.


Theme: It is a good musical piece. It just makes me imagine of a trip to somewhere by vehicle or whatever. Too bad it does not fit the current contest theme. 10/15.

Creativity/Originality: The instruments are cool, recorded and stuff. Feels like you’re almost at a concert. Some minor guitar tune offs but it’s no biggy. 10/10.

Dynamic/Tones: Everything it’s at it’s place. Intense shifting of guitar solos and two main moods: the road and the arrival. 10/10.

Composition: Man if it wasn’t for that sudden ending…. 13/15.

Note that everything here is subjective. Genres are various and must be treated likely !
Totality: 43.


Theme: It fits the schizophrenic murderous personality. Just a guy slicing stuff and people for an uncontrolled reason of joy. 15/15.

Creativity/Originality: The sounds are neat but it quickly gets monotonous. The rhythm is interesting though. 9/10.

Dynamic/Tones: Some sounds are really out of place (could mean the misunderstanding of reality). There is only one mood that calms only to rest and then start it’s menace again. 8/10.

Composition: It doesn’t really have a direction to lead to. It’s often blurry to the mind. The end is abruptly sudden. 13/15.

Note that everything here is subjective. Genres are various and must be treated likely !
Totality: 45.


Theme: Does running through a forest or on a plain followed by a scaring thought that someone will kill you fit ? I think yes. I can actually even imagine this song as a soundtrack for one of Sherlock Holmes crime investigation-action movies. If I were to think of mental disorder it would be that person whom maybe runs for no other reason than insanity. 12/15.

Creativity/Originality: The instruments just make the atmosphere challenging. A clear doubtful start of either paranoia or dumb curiosity that leads to a chase and ultimately to death. 10/10.

Dynamic/Tones: Clearly the use of low and high tones is a perfect solution for such an ambience. Also the mystery mood is just increasing by every second. 10/10.

Composition: The end is the most conclusive and emphasizing part. It actually tells you what it’s all about in the song. The beginning just fools you into that mystery atmosphere so you could be surprised at the very end. 15/15.

Note that everything here is subjective. Genres are various and must be treated likely !
Totality: 47.

Best regards,

((JFI + Deep) * .75) + ((Votes/Max Votes) * 25) = Final Score

(all scores rounded to 5 decimal places)

Devine: ((42 + 43) * .75) + ((2 / 26) * 25) = 65.67308
Cobra_b: ((47 + 49) * .75) + ((6 / 26) * 25) = 77.76923
WherewolfTherewolf: ((48 + 45) * .75) + ((14 / 26) * 25) = 83.21154
lexalex: ((39 + 48) * .75) + ((0 / 26) * 25) = 65.25
wolfman: ((39 + 45) * .75) + ((0 / 26) * 25) = 63
Mr.Pockets00000: ((35 + 30) * .75) + ((0 / 26) * 25) = 48.75
ZippeR: ((48 + 47) * .75) + ((4 / 26) * 25) = 75.09615
Tails96: ((45 + 46) * .75) + ((0 / 26) * 25) = 68.25
bhusta: ((38 + 46) * .75) + ((0 / 26) * 25) = 63
Who_iS_RuBeN: ((47 + 43) * .75) + ((0 / 26) * 25) = 67.5

  • 1st: WherewolfTherewolf
  • 2nd: Cobra_B
  • 3rd: ZippeR
  • 4th: Tails96
  • 5th Who_iS_RuBeN
  • 6th Devine
  • 7th lexalex
  • 8th wolfman and bhusta
  • 9th Mr.Pockets00000


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Wow. I only just saw this. How did that happen? Anyway, congrats to everyone, particularly WherewolfTherewolf. We had a great crop of entries for this contest, and I'm really happy to have placed as well as I did.

See you next contest!

P.S. Are we getting awards for this?
Wow. I only just saw this. How did that happen? Anyway, congrats to everyone, particularly WherewolfTherewolf. We had a great crop of entries for this contest, and I'm really happy to have placed as well as I did.

See you next contest!

P.S. Are we getting awards for this?

Yeah, just gotta wait until Pyritie can be arsed to do it
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Excellent Contest.Congratz to the winners!
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