Multiple Simple SFXs

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Feb 24, 2018
I need a few simple SFX models - mostly recolors of existing ones.

1) Green Roar model without fangy face. Kinda like JetFangInferno's ChakraExplosion series, except green. Ex am pl es.

2) Magic Sentry model with collision shape, so it can be clicked. A portrait camera could be cool, but not required.

3) Life Drain (Target) and Siphon Mana (Caster) effects merged into one. Basically green motes come out, blue motes come in. Yes-yes, can be done with triggers, but so much more convenient to have it as a model.

4) Life Drain (Target) and Bloodlust effects merged into one. Basically a bright red glow with green motes coming out.

5) Blue Endurance Aura effect. Kinda like in first pic.

6) Purple transparent fangy face from Roar model. Kinda like the second pic. Real shame those beta models never made it into game.

7) Green Ancestral Spirit (Caster) model. The four-leaf-clover-shaped one, in green.

8) Blue Flaming Arrow missile. Kinda like the hidden Flaming Arrow missile with fire same color as Cold Arrow missile.

9) Warden's chakram weapon, as a missile, with slight trail, like arrows have. NOT spinning, geometry not modified. Could be glowing silver though, if you like.

10) Inner Fire buff with small sword, blade down, instead of crown.

11) Inner Fire buff with small fire tongue instead of crown.

12) Inner Fire buff with small skull instead of crown.

13) Entangling Roots buff using brown bark texture, probably from the Ancients or the hidden TreantMissile.

14) Blue heal with golden accents. Basically blue mana replenish effect, except with a few golden sparkles and maybe golden glow (from Heal model) - I need the holy blue/gold feel of models like this or this.

15) Abilities\Spells\Items\AIre\AIreTarget.mdl except holy yellow color instead of purple. I know there's this, its not exactly what I need.

16) Last one is tricky, I guess. Missile with different "head" and "tail", kinda like third pic. "Head" must be black with lightning sparks, like Demon Hunter's morph effect. "Tail" must be the acid yellow-green of Metamorphosis or Eredar's missile. It would be cool if trail could linger in the air for some time, but I dunno if that's possible in Warcraft 3.

I guess this ended up more than a "few", hehe.
Anyway, I'll give credits and +rep for each model.


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Level 9
Feb 24, 2018
It would be far quicker to learn how to edit the particle effect colors for these recolors yourself than wait for someone to come by and make 16 models for you. It's just not gonna happen, and you'd learn some valuable skills along the way. Check out the modeling tutorials section.
I'm in no hurry, and even if I do eventually learn how to edit particles, getting at least a few of these done really wouldn't hurt.