[Trigger] Multiple problems. Help a Dane!

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Dec 23, 2008
I'm working on a dungeon-siege style map in which the players are divided into two groups, a large group where each player has a single hero and a smaller group of players who each controls one dungeon. I've stumbled upon a small problem that has been bugging me for quite a day now. The hero I'm currently working on is a Rogue.

Each hero will have 3 abilities available at level 1, 1 ability available at level 6, 1 ability available at level 10 and one ability they get free from the start.

I'm trying to make the heroes quite complex, using triggers and imported Icons (don't worry, I'm keeping tabs on who's icons I'm using to give proper credits). Anyways, currently my Rogue has the following abilities:

Poison Master: The Rogue gains access to four different types of poison that it can apply to its weapon, gaining various benefits.

Hydra Blood Venom - Increases your melee damage.
Dire Hollow Venomr - Slows your opponent with each melee attack. Arcane Kenobi Venom - Causes your melee attacks to combust the targets mana, causing damage in the process.
Black Lotus Venom - Your melee attacks gain a chance to stun the opponent and cause extra damage.

The way I'm handling the poisons is that I've created five dummy skills, one being the actual hero ability (Poison Mastery) and four being a summon spell that doesn't summon anything representing the four different types of poison. When Poison Mastery is selected, it is instantly removed, a spellbook is created containing it (I still need to have it, so the hero can keep track of what level it is on) and another spellbook is created containing the four poison dummies. A third spellbook is created containing the four abilities you can gain from poisons (Bash, Feedback, Slow Poison and Damage Bonus). Each of the four passive abilities have a "dummy level", i.e. a level where they cause no effects. When you click a poison in the poison spellbook, a trigger sets the level of the selected passive ability to be equal to the level of the dummy ability plus one (since level 1 of the passive ability is inert). When you click a poison, the other three passive poison abilities are set to level 1 and therefore become inert (all their values are 0 and their have None as only target).

Sinister Strike: Is basically the Shadow Strike ability of the Warden but with a twist. If the hero has a poison active, the ability causes an additional effect. Bash -> Causes target to be stunned for X seconds. Feedback -> Causes target to be silenced for X seconds. Slow -> Causes target to be rooted for X seconds. Damage -> The initial damage of the ability is increased.

The spell itself is basically just Shadow Strike (thinking of changing the name away from Sinister Strike btw). The additional effect is handled by summoning a spell-dummy which is naturally hidden immediately. The spell dummy has all four of the additional spells (silence, stun, root and extra damage), and the spells have six levels of which one is inert. When the spell dummy is created, it check to see if the level of any of the heroes passive poison abilities is above one, and if they are it sets the corresponding ability to the same level.

Now, currently I have three problems.

1: My Feedback ability stopped working and I have no clue why. It worked before, but suddenly it stopped. I even enabled the otherwise disabled spellbook that holds the passive ability and it levels up just fine when I enable the corresponding dummy ability, but it still doesn't drain mana (and yes, I changed the ID of all three spellbooks for the Rogue class).

2: I can't figure out how to give the spellbook containing the venoms a text in game, currently it just says "No tips available" or whatever the name is.

3: My silence doesn't work. My trigger creates the dummy just fine, the trigger sets the appropriate level of the silence ability just fine, the trigger casts the silence ability just fine, I even see the graphics of it being cast on the target, but the target isn't silenced.

I've added the sandbox map I've made for working on the heroes and I would just adore some assistance. If I've made any error in posting this help request, just inform me and I'll fix it.


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