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Moonglade (8 races) v1.5

Submitted by scel
This bundle is marked as substandard. It may contain bugs, not perform optimally or otherwise be in violation of the submission rules.
Version 1.5

This is an altered melee map. i added a few thing to the normal races. i made new heroes, i completed the naga race, and made 3 more races: the demons, the mages and the mechanicals.



High Elf Engineer
Angel - Resurection
Dwarf - Thunder Bash, Thunder Brew, Shield Defense, Summon Gryphon
General - Command Aura, Defensive Aura, Regeneration Aura, Holy Shout
High Priest - Heal, Inner Fire, Spirit Link, Summon Guardian Angel
Magister - Arcane Knowledge, Insight, Energy Shield, Soul Shock
Merchant - Bag of Potions, Create Item, Alchemy, The caravan to the rescue!


Advanced Watch Tower
Stonemaul Ogre - Stonemaul
Stonemaul Magi - Stonemaul, Roar
Demonic Shaman - Mannoroth's Orb, Summon Blood Elemental, Baldur's Touch, Demonic Ritual
Hunter Killer - Spawn Zerglings, Consume, Anabolic Boost, Procreate
Lurker - Impale, Corrosive Spit, Spike, Sandstorm
Ogre - Bloodlust, Vandalize, Resistant Skin, Power Gauntlets
Veteran Grunt - Berserk, Bounty Hunting, Battle Roar, Transformation


Angel of Darkness - Raise Dead
Wight - Steal Enchantment, Plague Ward, Corruption Aura, Ghosts
Necromancer - Raise Dead, Corpse Explosion, Bone Spear, The Black Book
Restless King - Boogie Frights, Paralize, Ghost Effect, Deadly Image
Skeleton Reaver - Shade, Fire Wand, Earth Scorching, Soul Chain
Vampire - Weaken, Bite, Vampirism, Vampiric Touch

Night Elf:

Ancient of Wild - Thorns, Eat Tree
Forest Spider - Acid Web, Spider Strike, Spiderlings, Spider Byte
Guardian of the Land - Force of Nature, Nature Restore, Furion's Roar, Summon Ent
Night Watcher - Wind Walk, Night Hunting, Poison Dagger, Shadow Strike
Werewolf - Faerie Fire, Lycantrophy, Instinct, Rampage
Wildkin - Healing Spray, Crushing Vines, Rootage, Omniscience


Spider Crab - Feast
Makrura - Evolve
Mur'gul Reaver - Hunter Mode
Mur'gul Shadowcaster - Curse, Shadow Strike, Shadow Wand
Mur'gul Marauder
Behemoth - War Stomp, Pulverize
Azshara's Royal Myrmidon - Azshara's Mercy, Frost Bold, Azshara's Grace, Azshara's Might
Element of Dephts - Tidal Slam, Element Shield, Sea Aura, Death Grasp
Mermaid - Parasite, Multiply, Cloud, Song of the Mermaid
Priest of Atlantis - Chain Lightning, Tremor Ward, Azshara's Anger, Curse of the Depths
Serpent Witch - Summon Basilisk, Mistress of Serpents, Basilisk Ward, Mask of Medusa


Lava Creature
Dragonspawn - Hardened Scales
Onyx Gargoyle - Rock Shards
Nether Dragon
Oblivion Knight - Double-bladed Weapons
Satyr Thief - Pemanent Invisibility, Backstab
Infernal Juggernaut
Hellhound - Razorspines, Feedback
Doom Guard - War Stomp
Infernal - Pemanent Immolation
Warlock - Firebolt, Gargoyle's Regeneration, Flame Strike
Demoness - Summon Lava Creature, Flame, Meteor
Blood Fiend - Cleaving Attack, Howl of Terror, Magic Warding, Hulk
Efreet - Burning Hands, Ring of Fire, Fire Shield, Supernova
Elder Warlock - Energy Redistribution, Iron Maiden, Life Tap, Incantus Decedare
Hell Caller - Crater, Devour, Soul Ingest, Incantus Vivere
Raider - Blade Sharping, Charge, Critical Hit, Flesh Rip


Mage - Chains, Spirit Bird
Battlemage - Evasion, Wind Walk
Wizard - Blizzard, Restoration, Disarming
Specter - Paralize
Wraith - Morph
Owl Scout - True Sight, Invisibility
Fire Revenant - Fireflies, Blaze, Summon Fire Elemental
Ice Revenant - Glacial Spike, Cold Strike, Shiver Armor
Lightning Revenant - Lightning, Chain Attack, Thunderstorm
Black Dragon - Devour
Elementalist - Chain Lightning, Frost Nova, Slow Poison, Summon Golem
Ice Princess - Chills, Freezing Arrows, Frostbite, Frost Mastery
Mentalist - Mind Blast, Mana Leak, Telekinesis, Sonic Wave
Tempest - Chain Lightning, Stasis Field, Teleport, Monsoon
Spell Ripper - Silence, Mana Burn, Devour Magic, Mana Flare Ward


Clockwerk Warrior
Iron Goblin
Iron Golem - Iron Spikes
Scorpid - Overclocking
Steam Tank - Overclocking
Gyroplane - Overclocking, Bombing, Flak Machineguns, True Sight
Marine - Snipe, Stim Pack
Fireball - Stim Pack
Goblin Sapper - Cocktail Molotov, Kaboom
Lieutenant - Tracking Device, Improved Shotgun, Shotgun Shells, Snipe
Mad Bomber - Place Land Mine, Explode, Magic Candle, Barrel of Explosives
Tank - Apollo Reactor, Demolish, Fortification, Pocket Factory
Lumberjack - Eat Tree, Harvester, Spikes, Impaling Bolt
Engineer - Repair, Flare, Cluster Rockets, Engineering

Also, the upgrades go up to level 4
Heroes go up level 30
The new heroes' abilities have 5 levels and the ultimate has 3 levels
Altough this changes, you can still play normal Warcraft.

Contact me for balance issues, suggestions or any thing at all.
Post here or send me a mail at scel.cosmin@yahoo.com

Changelog 1.4


Peasants no longer transform, instead added High Elf Engineer than can build Heavenly Sanctuary
Dwarf - replaced Strenght of the Brew with Shield Defense.


Demonic Shaman - reworked Demonification.


Restless King - replaced Ghosts with Deadly Image.
Necromancer - renamed to Arch Necromancer which now has the following abilities: Raise Dead, Corspe Explosion, Bone Spear and The Black Book.
Fallen Priest - replaced with Wight which has the following abilities: Steal Enchantment, Plague Ward, Corruption Aura and Ghosts.
Vampire - renamed Life Drain with Bite.


Spider Crab - added Feast ability.
Serpent Witch - reworked some abilities.


Infernal Juggernaut - removed Fire Spray ability.
Hellhound - replaced Mana Burn with Feedback.
Druid of Fire - renamed to Efreet which now has the following abilities: Burning Hands, Ring of Fire, Fire Shield and Supernova.


Spirit - replaced with Servant
Battlemage - removed Shockwave ability.
Specter - reworked Paralize and removed Ethereal ability.
Metamorpho - renamed with Wraith that can Morph.
Fire Revenant - reworked abilities: Summon Fire Elemental changed with Blaze, Meteor Shower changed with Summon Fire Elemental.
Ice Elemental - reworked abilities: Frost Armor changed with Glacial Spike, Summon Ice Elemental changed with Cold Strike, Iceberg changed with Shiver Armor.
Lightning Elemental - reworked abilities: Summon Lightning Elemental changed with Chain Attack.
Added new unit: Spirit Wyvern that can Abolish Magic, has Spell Resistance and Living Form.
Mentalist - renamed Sonic Shockwave to Sonic Wave.


Goblin Shredder - renamed to Clockwerk Warrior

Also a few other noticeble changes.

Changelog 1.5

Fixed some bugs with race selection
Fixed some balances issues
Adds extended text description to heroes' abilities

Hope you enjoy it

Note: Victory triggers may be buggy. In next version i will try to fix them

8 race, scel, mage, demon, naga, mech, moonglade

Moonglade (8 races) v1.5 (Map)

ap0: Rejected 10:45, 21st Mar 2009 by bounty hunter2: There is no point in editing a lot of Blizzards maps, just edit one and post it. I see one of them is allready approved so no point in posting other, Rejected.
  1. ap0: Rejected

    10:45, 21st Mar 2009 by bounty hunter2:
    There is no point in editing a lot of Blizzards maps, just edit one and post it. I see one of them is allready approved so no point in posting other, Rejected.
  2. adr3n


    Aug 8, 2008
    booooooring...no AI...as i said in my previous topics....saaaaad....
  3. Deaddog9999


    Apr 30, 2008
    AI is important so that people with slow internet/don't have server capabilites/don't have patience to find people to play against can play the map
  4. Qab


    Mar 19, 2009
    I have only downlaoded ONE map because it happened to have AI, please make AI.
    (ps: if Blizzard helpled make it, why does it not have AI?!?)
  5. Cweener


    Oct 10, 2009
    Okay blizzard terrain, very bad triggering, some bugs, and a few uh-ohs here and there make this a Rejection.
  6. light bolt30

    light bolt30

    Jan 31, 2009
    You shouldn't edit blizzard maps since there is no originality in it.