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Models Request

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Level 13
Feb 18, 2009
I are making a map whatever i got stuck i need a few models:

Tiger (Panther, Tiger, Lion, anything like that :spell_breaker:)

Crab (A crab BIG size)

Some more random beast which is predatores...

Human mage (Unmounted)

Undead mage (Unmounted too hehe)

Some kind of stairs. (Which goes down)

Custom orc grunt.

Troll axethrower

Nigth elf CUSTOM ranger

Some kind of custom priest which looks more human then high elf.

A ranged tauren (Magical, Hero)

A custom paladin (Hero)

Some kind of General both orc and human.

Thats it :grin:

And if anyone knows what im gonna make :an:

Level 11
Feb 16, 2009
Human mage(Unmounted) :Jaina, emmisiary, Medivh
Undead mage: Necromancer, Lich, Necromancer from RoC campaign
Troll Axethrower: There are lots of trolls which throw axes
General: Humans have a captain, scale him up a bit and for Orcs you could use hellscream
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