[Models] - (Attachments) chainsaw, bomb defuser

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Aug 4, 2006
modelers: i humbly ask for your help on two separate requests; meaning you can help me with one and i won't expect you to help me on the other. i need two weapons to attach to a marine model: a chainsaw and a bomb defuser. these are for an awesome bomberman-style game, that i'm just polishing up and adding a couple more items to. you will receive credit, +rep, and whatever else i can do for you.

here is the model i need to attach the weapons to:


don't worry about the scaling, rotation, or translation of the attachments. i can fix those easy enough in War3ModelEditor.

Request 1 - Chainsaw weapon attachment


i do NOT want you to make a model this detailed. this picture is just to give you a basic idea of the shape/dimensions of the chainsaw that i would like. however, i would like you to use in-game textures and a low poly count to keep the model size low.
the only chainsaw-like model i have found is a "chainsword" (ChainSword by [email protected] - The Hive Workshop - A Warcraft III Modding Site) by [email protected] and that didn't work because the marine's hands are too far apart and the sword to looked like it was cutting through his hands.

Required Animations
Stand 1- chainsaw off, unanimated.
Stand 2- chainsaw on, with blades moving quickly around edge.

Request 2 - Bomb Defuser Weapon Attachment
i am not sure what a bomb defuser should look like. if you're up for it, get creative! by all means, make a giant wire clipper or something:


i will appreciate whatever you can make me. the bomb that this weapon has to defuse is

Required Animations
Stand - unanimated.

thanks in advance!
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