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Model problem.

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Level 7
Oct 6, 2006
What your saying is, theirs no stand animation ingame once youve exported in the editor? Have u, created a bone, went to your object (editable mesh) and added skin modifier, then added bone to model.

After that, turned on animate button, recorded the resting position at frame 1 of the bone, moved the timeline bar up some then swung the BONE around and not the mesh for the object as much as needed till frame 960 which it will automatically record the movement of the bone when rotating,moving,etc.

When your happy with the animation, you use dexexporter and name your model and in the animation menu click add and type Stand and use frame 1-960, print to listener, open listen, copy text to mdl, convert mdl to mdx and import into WE? You dont need to apply a visual skin texture cuz gmax will put a red one on so you can save your time to do that later when the models animations are tweaked.

Hope that helped, if not maybe one of us can put a fraps type movie up showing how to rig and animate properly.
Not open for further replies.