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if i wana expiort an model from milkshape 3d

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Level 7
Jan 13, 2008
i mean if i wana export an model from milkshape 3d to a warcraft model with all animations like this....

if i change an unit for example how do i export the model and how do i make textures to the model like can i make textures in sum other program from the model and so its gona be that textures for the spesefic unit i making like if i gona
export my gandolf model from milkshape and make textures in sum other program and get the right textures for the model.

Like if i wana change gandolf model. and want him ti have textures named Textures\gandolfTheWhite.blp how i make the model with new textures and what format i export the unit to become a warcraft model...

and is there any good programs for making textures for a model.
Like i wana make a mordor troll and i want to make sum good textures and what program do i need :p


and i dont know how to move in milkshpe i mean i can just zoom in the unit in 3d windows i cant move higher or so... how i do

And how do i import animations on allready existed modells to milkshape from warcraft3 ro sumthing.....

and also how to export textures from milkshape
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Level 17
Sep 2, 2005
you need to plugin to export warcraft models. I haven't figured out how to make said plugin work, and im trying to find an alternative to milkshape, because it erases the bones and animations when you import the models. as for textures, you need a blp to tga converter, and photoshop.(or maybe the gimp)

I wish you luck.

P.S. Don't spam the boards, you just annoy people, even though I know it sucks when you need help and you dont get any, or all the info you get doesn't fix the problem. and then someoen fixes it for you, and youre greatful, but you still dont have a clue what was wrong or how to fix it yourself. - just be more patient I guess. I've been trying to figure out some similar issues. Good luck dude. try not to annoy the peoples.
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