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[Model] Ogre Magi Hero

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Level 24
Feb 28, 2007
Details about the Request:
I am requesting a Ogre Magi Hero, as you might know Ogre Magi are, according to Warcraft lore, two headed, so I want him to be two headed, and I would also love it if he had like hero glow on his feet and perhaps weapon. The color of his skin should be Fel Orc Red, not scarlet or light red, but a red like this: EXAMPLE
but with shading of course. Oh, and the darkblue tatoos on his chest should be darkred also. Changes to his heads are preffered to make the portrait look more original, i'l love it if he had like white/gray beard on both of the heads. The club should have some cool changes to it, like team colored runes attached to it. Perhaps also add some kind of effect to his unarmed hand, the right hand that is. Like he holding some kind of magical orb or just give him some hero glow around the hand.

Lore about the Request:
The Ogre is chieftain of the Ogre Magi faction calling themselves the Bloodfist Clan, they are not in part of any major faction as the horde, alliance, scourge or illidari, but fight for the sake of finding out magical secrets. Lately they have discovered a large body of power located on Theramore Isle, to uncover the islands secrets they much send in pretty much they're full force to break trough the Kul Tiras blockade just outside Theramore...

Proof of Map Existance
Here is a WIP of the first map, not with details as of yet, more as a proof of this campaigns / maps existance.

Last Words
That should be it, I hope someone takes the time to help me, I really do, I love your for reading this, thanks alot in advance!
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