[Model-Auron]Looking for Animator and Texturer

Well, I've an Auron model and I'm bad in animate and texturing.
It looked decent. Now, I'm looking for an animator and texturer.




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DirectDrawSurface. It is a texture format that is very awesome. It loses no quality, but it's got huge filesize, all until you put it into some archive with algorithmic compression. That's also used for heroes. However, this model is obviously ripped, since no one uses .dds for freelance modeling, so it is either shareware, or ripped. Way to die.
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Mar 19, 2008
Okay, heres the facts. I founded these models from chinese site. A Guy who uploaded one model of this package as mdx format. And requested that all other 7 models would be converted as well.
Someone had converted 1 of his models already, but didn't convert the others (dont know the reason).
He didn't mention anything else that, the who made these was his friend.

So its impossible to know who made these, but he dont have relation to Wc3. But he gave permission to his friend to ask for convertion. So this is approved.