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Model and Arcane spell ideas requested.

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Oct 19, 2008
Hello hive community:
To complete my campaign, among other things i need some models and spell ideas if anyone is able to point me somewhere i can get the models below or to make them to me Rep (3 for each model/ idea approved)and credits will be given once my campaign is uploaded:
>Stag , like the one Malfurion is mounted on in the night elves campaign (warcraft the frozen throne) but it would have a simple attack animation and a birth animation (for summoning)
>High elf unit, caster, much like the reign of chaos' priest but he would have a robe based on WCII's mage, and if possible uses a staff similar to those of the wcII model.
>High elf destroyer, much like the in game human frigate but it would have the high elven unicorn symbol
(for the high elf caster and destroyer see Warcraft II units - WoWWiki - Your guide to the World of Warcraft).
>High elf hero based on Jaina's model, instead it would be male and if possible without hood
>Simple spell ideas (why simple? those are going to be unit spells) based on arcane type and that matches the name "Conjurer"
Also you dont need to upload the models/ideas right away all i need is that you tell me if you are going to work on these, I also ask that decent portraits are added.
And the in game difference between a high elf and a blood elf is that the high elf's eyes are blue and not greenish
Thanks for reading this
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