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Minor Model Request

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Level 37
Aug 14, 2006
Hey there once again!

I have been making my campaign for over half year now. I have already released alpha tests from it. Current version is 1.6 which can be found in here. This time I'm not here for a translation request. Now is the time for a a simple model! I wish you can do this minor request for me. I will give you credits at the campaign and also some rep in here. Thank you beforehand.

I'm asking you to create me a same kind of model as Egg Sack(Doodad => Trees/Destructibles => Dungeon). But theme is winter. I have a place in my campaign where is lot of icy spiders and couple cinematics. I need to make this place really cool and I need some "icy eggs" in there.

Here is current pictures from the place. I will add those eggs there also.


  • c8p1.JPG
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  • c8p2.JPG
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