Minecraft Rp Server

Level 5
Dec 2, 2007
I'm currently playing on a pretty nice Minecraft Rp War server. At this point in time I'm creating my own city which has a storage building, mine, and beginning of a wall. I figured i would post up on here and see if anyone is interested in joining said city or if you would like to join the server let me know. The only requirements are that you obey the rules and have Team Speak 3. If you're interested in joining the city simply make a post saying so and with which position within the city you would like.

Note: This server is very new and as a result has a very low member base at the moment. The world is undeveloped for the most part but if you would like to see what's been done there's a dynamic map that is constantly updating with who's online and what's explored. The link below will bring you to said map


The map's down because of the recent update but the servers still alive
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