Middle-Age Models - Crusader

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Jun 27, 2008
Hello there.

I had my thoughts of making religion-like map and I was in search of middle-age models. The main model I am searching would be crusader unit. Something like Livonian Crusade warriors or Teutonic Order crusaders of middle-age, who were sent to spread christian religion. I am 100% sure I've seen those somewhere around internet and I was like: Ew, who would need those? Now I do, heh, and I cannot find it at all.

So my purpose of writing would be asking you, if you could help me to find crusader-like models / skins, or maybe even to make one as request model / skin.

It is supposed to look white cloth human warrior with black / red cross on chest or / and shield, just like in this picture below. Also Tutonic rider would be cool too.

Thank you in advance.

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