Melee map challenge #2

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Melee map Challenge #2

Challenge Arena Rules:

  • Challenge results must be bug-free.
  • Copy and paste techniques are not permitted.
  • No exports from other games are acceptable.
Challenge Theme:

Melee Map




Challenge Duration:
10 days

Proposed Reputation Award:
12 points

Challenge judging:

Map-specific conditions:
Imports allowed: No

Optimization/protection: No

Maximum Map size: 160 x 160
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Here is the current progress of my map and is fully playable :).
All I have to do now is the tile set and place doodads to make the terrain look better.


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Here is my edited entry as requested by -Kobas-.
If there is anything else that isn't done quite right I might be able to make another final entry.
Also bugs the challenge will be over in about 5 hours, but if you need any more time the challenge can be extended to the end of tomorrow instead.


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Ok here are the results.
I checked both maps and I was disappointed.

Bugz used terrain mirroring well to balance terrain, but still he placed rock golem next to dark wizard.
Item drop was bad in his map as well, any creep was able to drop artifact or just simple healing potion.
Same goes for DeathChef map, he created some useless tables for nothing.
Both maps miss doodads, DeathChef spammed with trees, Bugz miss them.
No one added special effects to enchant terrain a little, no one mixed different terrain types doodads.
There are few more things that I won't mention right now, but after everything said above my vote go to DeathChef because he created 3 player map and used more or less custom item drop. :sad:

Dunno what to say more, both maps are close (speaking about quality)...
Seeing how the award is 12 rep points, any mod could hand them out ;P So it shouldn't take too long.
Anyways, expect my reviews in 2 hours.



  • Only 1 random item set, add multiple for higher level creeps
  • Random few flowers close to the starting points, I don't see how they would fit to the rest of the environment
  • Symmetric
  • No creeps near tavern
  • The passage to the 4 creep spots at the center of the map isn't wide enough and can cause a lot of disadvantages for both sides when it comes to a battle, it's not very strategical
  • Enough wood
  • Bonus Goldmines
  • Not enough terrain tile variation
  • Only a few types of doodads used (trees, some random flowers which don't fit, rocks, also don't use rock archways, stone ones would have fit better)
  • Some red creeps would have been nice, maybe replace the 2 shops at the left and right side of the map with giant dragons, etc.
Rating: 2/5 (Although I'd love if you changed some of the above things before uploading it in the maps section)


  • Not quite symmetric
  • Too many trees spammed at one point
  • A lot of terrain tile variation, nice use of water, very smooth river and looks very forest like/realistic
  • The yellow creeps on the cliffs are a bit random and a bit too much in the middle of the a location, they're also blocking the way, so you HAVE to kill them in order to pass to another point
  • Different item tables for higher level creeps
  • Bonus Goldmines close to each base
  • Creeps in front of the goldmines are red, not very good, replace them by yellow ones and add one strong red creep somewhere else on the map
  • No one guarding the tavern
  • Fitting doodads used, also not too empty or random and shrubs close to trees
  • Enough wood
  • Every passage is wide enough and a lot of open areas for battles

Rating: 2.5/5 (still not 3/5) (Can be uploaded to the maps section in its current state)

My vote also goes to DeathChef.
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I may upload my map to the map section soon, but I may not untill I fix those negative things.
Also I thought that trees had to have not have any space in between them so small units can't swerve in between them. It appears that that doesn't occur for a whole melee map.
Oh yeh and -Kobas- I created item tablets so I don't have to create them for each individual unit. Is that a problem that I need to fix?
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