Matt540s basics of map making

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Oct 15, 2005
Ok, lets get the tutorial on the road. I am maTt540, giving pointless tips in map making that no one even pays attention to...saying that these are importaint. Read on, Narlicals! (ok, forget the last sentence.)

1. Hero levels.
Q. How do change hero level at the start of the game?
A. 1. Go to object manager.
2. Go to the unit who you want to change level with.
3. Right click and select edit unit properties (you can also add items at the start to the hero here)
4. Select level, and type what the starting level of the hero would be.
Q. How do I change heros max level?
A. ...Yes, this is the annoying question I see more than any thing on this site. "how do I change max hero level?" "how do I change max hero level?" "how do I change max hero level?" "how do I change max hero level?" "how do I change max hero level?" "how do I change max hero level?" "how do I change max hero level?" ARRGHH!!
1. Go to Advanced at the top toolbar.
2. Go to gameplay constants.

3. Scroll down to hero
4. srcoll down to hero maximum.
5. Scroll down to hero maximum level.

6. Click on hero maximum level, and chage it to whatever you want to max level to be (limit in Wc3 tft editor is 10000)
Q. How is it that the hero you use is weaponless?
A. YOu'll see once you get to attachments.

Now then...hmm...

Lets now do...

Color cods
Q. Why is the title like that?
A. To make it interesting. Color codes are used in many maps in many ways! And It looks nice :eek:

Q. Ok...Give me examples of color codes!
A. ...say it.

Q. Abrakadabra?
A. ...

Q. Open seseme?
A. Moo.

Q. Kamehameha?
A. ...

Q. Please...
A. Ok then!

Color codes basiclly are great ways to spice up the game. Color codes are determined by what you put in them. All start with a |c then it varies what you put in next. Its a 8 letter/diget combination that can include 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,A,a,B,b,C,c,D,d,E,e,F, or f.

Next after all of that comes the text. You put in whatever you want. After that is |r

Color codes are in this format (thanks to n00bystance for the adjustments)

Color code is composed of:
|c - defines color code start
xx - transparency (hexadeximal value - min. 00, max ff or FF; ff = not transparent)
xx - red (like above)
xx - green (live above)
xx - blue (like above)
<TEXT> - text that has to be colored
|r - return to standard color


As you see, color codes are coded in RGB schema. This mostly works like tinting unit in object editor, but instead of 0-255 you have it in hexadecimal variant (00-FF).

Some examples of often abused color codes:

Green: |cff32cd32Text|r
Red: |cffff0000Text|r
Orange: |cff995500Text|r
Yellow: |cffffcc00Text|r
Light Blue: |cff7777aaText|r

If i typed |cff995500This tutorial so far isnt funny I guess...|r

It would appear as

This tutorial so far isnt funny I guess...

A site with alot of examples of color codes is:


A. 1. No caps locks, please.
2. He imported them. Importing models, skins, etc is how you get neat stuff in games. Be careful though, because some of the files (mainly music) take up MASSIVE SPACE!!!

Q. What can be imported anyway?
A. If you got it from an internet site, you need to unzip it first. Then, in the file is what you need. The following documents are catigorized in Wc3 WE as these:

Image/texture (icons, skins, pictures, etc):
blp, tga (correct me please if im wrong, ill adjust.)

Model: Mdx, Mdl

Text: txt

Music/sound: Mp3

Hope this helps!

Q. The thing wont load properly!
A. Either:
1. you did not follow the given path.
2. You didnt download all skins.
3. You used / instead of \
4. The file is non existant.

Q. Ok, When I download, I see two colors of text for the skin paths, what are they?
A. They are included and not included skins. The darker colored ones are already in the game and dont take any space. The brighter colored are in the file, adding extra room.

Q. This music file is to big!
A. Music takes up the most space in a map. What do you expect?

Q. Is there any way to shorten it?
A. Not that I know of...

Q. I found a neat thing i want to post it on the site!
A. DONT!!!! thats called model theft. Its an instant IP ban.


Q. What are attachments?
A. Attachments are basiclly what makes the hero have a sword, shield etc in his hands, a helm on his head, etc.

Q. What are some attachment points please?
A. You people vex me...

Q. What does Vexing you have to do with Warcraft 3? And Why does it vex you?
A. Vexing is to annoy one or pester one with a distrubing manner. Basiclly, you people are pesticides. It has to do with the tutorial since this is probibly the question I see more than any in any section of the site. I had to learn on my ow-

Q. I said "please!"
A. ...Very well. I will list all attachment points I know in this format.


body part 1
body part 2 (for hand attachments)

Where it goes




Attaches model to right hand



Attaches model to left hand


Attaches model to head (helms and junk like that)


Attaches model to the very top of it (good for things like items horses have showing people are riding them)


Attaches model to chest area


Attaches model to origin of unit; useful for auras.


Attaches model to left foot of the unit


This attackes to the right feet of the units

Hero making!

Q. How is that one peasant a hero while the palidin isnt?
A. Its the work of an object editor.

Q. Whats that?
A. It lets you adjust how the units look and attack, what items do, how abilities work, etc.

Q. How do I get items to have cool funttions?
A. Like explained in the attachment section, the things items do are abilities. You need to make them from the ability section and pick them out for it.

Q. Thanks!
A. (no more please!!!)

Q. Can I ask you a few more things?


Q. What are those thing that show scores in maps?
A. Leaderboards. (OK!?)

Q. What are they?
A. (help me someone...)


Leaderboards are a very simple score board for players to keep track of their kills or points. You don't need any tools or other programs to make one. Leaderboards can only keep track of two columns; a name and a value. If you need more than two columns, you need to create a multiboard. However, leaderboards are a lot more simple to create.

Leader boards can only keep track of two columns.

The left side is the players' label, and the right is the player value.

When laying out your leaderboard, remember that they accept the standard Warcraft color codes and characters. You can use a color coding program to create a nice title, and space it out on different lines as shown. You can also later modify the title and properties of the leaderboard contents. All you need to create a leaderboard is two triggers. One to create the board, and one to keep score.

Things to know!
  1. Leaderboards can only keep track of a name, and a value.
  2. Leaderboards can use the common Warcraft color codes.
  3. Leaderboards can be assigned a variable, to show and hide them easily.
  4. A leaderboard cannot be created at map initialization.
  5. A leaderboard is a lot more simple than a multiboard.
	 Time - Elapsed game time is 5.00 seconds
	 Leaderboard - Create a leaderboard for (All players) titled (Your Title Here)
	 Custom script:   set bj_wantDestroyGroup=true
	 Player Group - Pick every player in (All players) and do (Actions)
		 Loop - Actions
			 If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions)
				 If - Conditions
					 ((Picked player) controller) Equal to User
					 ((Picked player) slot status) Equal to Is playing
				 Then - Actions
					 Leaderboard - Add (Picked player) to (Last created leaderboard)
					 with label (Name of (Picked player)) and value 0
				 Else - Actions
					 Do nothing
	 Leaderboard - Show (Last created leaderboard) (Must come last)

This is an example of how to make a leader board

(Adding on)

V3 has arrived! In this, we will discuss...

-Rects (based on what a friend of mine asked)
-Attack types
-Inventory system (1 sword, helm armor, shield, etc.)
-Map protection
-Cant determine the rest.



Q. Rect?
A. Otherwise known as region. Rects are the easiest and propibly the most (ab)used of all movement techniques.

Q. Where would I find these "rects?"
A. Mauls, td, rpgs (Like wars of warcraft), and more! Tds being the main one, but any is fine!

Q. How do I place one down?
A. In the tool palette, there is a region editor. Choose region: add, and click and drag until you have the right sized rect.

Q. Say I have 2 rects: Rect a, and rect B. I want to move one unit to them. What do I do?
A. Here is a trigger.

Unit - A unit enters Rect a <gen>
(owner of (triggering unit)) equal to player xxxx (XXXX)
Unit group - Order (Units in rect a <gen>) to move To (center of rect b <gen>)

Q. What about 3 rects?
A. Here is a trigger.

Unit - A unit enters Rect a <gen>
(owner of (triggering unit)) equal to player xxxx (XXXX)
Unit group - Order (Units in rect a <gen>) to move To (center of rect b <gen>)

Unit - A unit enters Rect b <gen>
(owner of (triggering unit)) equal to player xxxx (XXXX)
Unit group - Order (Units in rect b <gen>) to move To (center of rect c <gen>)

Attack types

I see some maps with nice types of different

Attack types can be adjusted via gameplay interface. If you click on any attack type or menu icon, you can change it to how you please. Like...say we wanted to change the attack type to dark magic.

He is a set by sep picture guide.

Note: Because irfanview wasnt working, I had to greatly reduce the color quiltiy on these...hope you dont mind.

The chaos attack

I like orb of ahnilation as dark magic.

Now the text!

Done there

Now armor damage.

I use unarmored as no armor, light as leather, medeum as basic, Heavy as sturdy, Forified as Forified (Obviously), Hero as monster, and unholy as undead/unholy.



after (The unholy I use a trigger for)

Inventory (Sorry have to go, will add soon!

Map protection

Q. How do I unprotect a map?
A. Im sorry, this question is against the rules.

A. You too.

Ok, that concludes this tutorial.

Thanks to for the leaderboard info.
Thanks to n00bystance for color code info and attachment points.
Thanks to whoever put this in!
Thanks to ramza for the feet points.
Thanks to Me for learning most of this alone!
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Feb 21, 2005
Dont forget addons

You forgot about nifty addons here is a list that i use and are awesome(also other awesome stuff but i dont use it)

Map optimizer i dont think im breaking the rule of portecting maps since im just advertising whats on the site what this does it it compresses your map and throws away unessessary stuff to make your map smaller
Widitizer This lowers the load time
WTSinliner also lowers load time but deletes different unessary stuff
Host helper if you need help hosting use this(also if you use xp turn off the firewall to comp not router)
armor calculator helps calculate percentage the armor reduces
Damage Calculator tells you the damage output by inputting number of dice and stuff
WE unlimited is a ADDON to the WE editer and adds stuff theres another on the site but i havent used it
WE nolimits deletes max cell space when you create a map and destructable max good for big maps
Level 3
Feb 21, 2005
I got realy bored and spent 40min making this after getting annoyed by your lack of attachments (I can get annoyed easily)
Let me help you with attachments also
Attachments are points that you can attach items models anything visual to that point.
Attachments can be useful like the konstruct marines they have no weapon, this allows you to add a weapon sword or any model you have in mind.
I don’t need to talk about the points since he already stated them.

Making an item attachable.
To make something have an attachment first you must make an item.
First open up your editor and make a new map or an existing and create an object editor window and select the item tab then create an item with a name.
A) Text-Description Machinegun
A) Text-Hotkey (make this blank)
A) Text-Name Gauss Rifle
A) Text-Tooltip basic Gauss Rifle
A) Text-Tooltip-Extended Machinegun
B) Abilities-Abilities Gauss Rifle(Dummy) (ill explain what this is and how to make it later.
F) Stats-Actively Used False
F) Stats-Can be dropped False (in my map I don’t want this to be dropped so it can be true or false.
F) States-Classification Charged (I used charged because in my map in using ammo it should be permanent.
For a visual reference

That’s pretty much what I want/need to show you of the item
Now you need an ability
Using another example…
Make everything false or Zero except
F) Stats-Item Ability True
And of course the name should have a name and for the editor suffix use (Dummy)
For this ability I call it
Gauss Rifle
With a suffix (Dummy)

put the model you want to be the attachment
Now in Target Attachment points you don’t use right hand or righthand but as you can see you use right,hand(notice the comma)
With this ability finished go into the item editor and select your created item and fill in the abilities section with the ability you just made
Now to avoid frustration remember to make target attachment points 1.
This is how you make an attachment but, how do you attach it? Now you need your trigger editor for this item I have a hero selection when you select “marine” he will spawn with a machinegun in his hand…kind of (if you need help with attachment points don’t ask me!)

Is what I have but for you all you need to do is keep the one highlighted action make you own events and conditions and you have it

is my finished result
another attachment I did was a mask to a ghost



Check the abilities as you can see there are two, both of them are attachments so you don’t need a new item for every attachment

That’s how I made my attachments and how I taught you(good or badly)
PM me or something if you need basic help