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Heavy attack marine. Equiped with a minigun and a flamethrower.

All anims are custom with MdlVis.

---------- UPDATE ----------
·Added shoulder-bazooka.
·Added "Spell" animation.

---------- UPDATE ----------
·Added "Walk fast" animation.
·New UV Map.
·Added lights.
·Added glows.
·Added sound for "Spell" animation.
·More fire in "Spell channel" animation.
·Added fire particles in "Spell" animation.

---------- UPDATE ----------
·Renamed "Attack" animation to "Attack One".
·Added "Attack Two" animation.
·Added fuel tanks.
·Changed glows texture.
·Added shells in attack animations.
·Added firelauncher lighter.

---------- UPDATE ----------
·Improved UV map (Camouflage)
·New animations:
--Attack Alternate
--Death Alternate
--Decay Flesh Alternate
--Dissipate Alternate
--Morph Alternate

---------- UPDATE ----------
·New face
·New animations:
--stand ready alternate
--stand hit
--stand hit alternate
--death spell
--portrait talk
·Red point (The laser on the helmet)

---------- UPDATE ----------
·Replaced "Helpers" for "Bones"
·New minigun
·New bazooka
·Added corpses in "Decay Bone" and "Decay Bone Alternate" animations
·Reviewed lights and sounds
·"Stand -2" animation was edited
·Renamed animation "Spell channel" to "Stand Channel"
·New animations:
--Attack One Swim
--Attack Two Swim
--Death Spell Swim
--Death Swim
--Decay Bone Alternate
--Decay Swim
--Dissipate Swim
--Portrait - 2
--Spell Swim
--Stand Channel Swim
--Stand Hit Swim
--Stand Ready Swim
--Stand Swim
--Walk Swim

---------- UPDATE ----------
·Created separate portrait model.
·New fuel tubes.
·Added clips on minigun.
·New wrap on minigun cannons.
·Fading out shot effects

Epsilon, Marine, War, Combat, Heavy, Minigun, Flamethrower, Fire, Bazooka, Artillery, Suicide, Amphibious, swim, water

MasterMarineV1.7_ByEpsilon (Model)

MasterMarineV1.7_ByEpsilon (Model)

20:17, 27th Jul 2010 DonDustin: the mesh changes seem rather simple to me, but the custom animations are really nice. DonDustin: Changed my rating from 3/5 to 4/5