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This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
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Skin for Male Archer of Wrywuffie.

Changed hair couldnt make chain mail so i made
green shirt instead. hair needs more work.

Eyes and Armor gloves been improved,The hair I'll improve later. sooner than you thyink

MarcherEv2 (Texture)

20:09, 6th Sep 2008 Hawkwing: [Rejected] A fair amount of recolour, and a lot of the detailing is lacking.




20:09, 6th Sep 2008
A fair amount of recolour, and a lot of the detailing is lacking.
Level 8
Oct 28, 2004
:?: LOL isnt much of a helpful critiek what needs to go. I'm already working on hair but ,helpful comments would be more a help. point out some things that could change :?. white lines I changed already and workin on shirt to transform to chain mail.

:?: LoL :?: not helpful :?.
:twisted: Dont be shy I a'nt goin bite
Level 2
Aug 21, 2005
THANK YOU. if there was something wc3 was lacking, it was definately a human archer. this is a well put together skin, although it does look weird at the wrists, nothing a skin could have fixed. i like it very much and find it overwhelmingly useful.

Level 7
Oct 2, 2004
I think i can point out something:
He's eyes... are looking unnaturally wide... i mean... they don't seem to fit... or is t just me? :p The armor on the hand looks a bit blurry. if you use photoshop, i sujest you begin using opacity brushes and not dodje an burn an smuje... In fact because of the hand, it's easy to figure out what have you done and what have you CnPed... The hair hand an face are tho only problems here... and i am going to download this one fast be4 you make it in chain mail... with cloth it looks better i think... anyways i like it. 3/5. 5/5 if you change the things i pointed out :wink: