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March of the Lich King Icon Pack

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
So I was in need of icons for Fall of Quel'thalas, saw the latest expansion in Hearthstone and like 12 hours later here we are...

I went through nearly all of the art found in March of the Lich King expansion for Hearthstone that I could find in High Quality, then snipped at the pieces found within to extract everything that I found useable.

This means that the bundle contains the following:
- Unit portraits
- Upgrade icons
- Spell icons
- Item icons
- A few misc icons such as Silvermoon pavement or Arcane Feathers.

Abomination Variant 1 (Icon)

Abomination Variant 2 / Patchwerk (Icon)

Acolyte Female (Icon)

Anachronos, Heir of Nozdormu (Icon)

Animate Dead (Icon)

Arcane Amulet (Icon)

Arcane Archer (Icon)

Arcane Archer HElven Variant 1 (Icon)

Arcane Archer HElven Variant 2 (Icon)

Arcane Armour (Icon)

Arcane Arrow (Icon)

Arcane Blade (Icon)

Arcane Bolt (Icon)

Arcane Clothing (Icon)

Arcane Core (Icon)

Arcane Feathers (Icon)

Arcane Golem (Icon)

Arcane Impact (Icon)

Arcane Intellect / Magic Sentry (Icon)

Arcane Shot / Lightning Arrow (Icon)

Arcane Splash (Icon)

Arcane Staff (Icon)

Arcane Talons (Icon)

Arcane Wyrm (Icon)

Ardenweald Tree Cyan / Spirit Beam (Icon)

Astalor Bloodsworn 2nd Variant HElven Variant 1 (Icon)

Astalor Bloodsworn 2nd Variant HElven Variant 2 (Icon)

Astalor Bloodsworn 3rd Variant HElven Variant 1 (Icon)

Astalor Bloodsworn 3rd Variant HElven Variant 2 (Icon)

Astalor Bloodsworn HElven Variant 1 (Icon)

Astalor Bloodsworn HElven Variant 2 (Icon)

Astalor Bloodsworn Variant 1 / Young Kael (Icon)

Astalor Bloodsworn Variant 2 / Fair Looking Elf (Icon)

Astalor Bloodsworn Variant 3 / Blood Elf Mage (Icon)

Banshee / Wailing Scream (Icon)

Belt Variant 1 (Icon)

Belt Variant 2 (Icon)

Belt Variant 3 / Undead Armour (Icon)

Belt Variant 4 / Nerubian Clothing (Icon)

Blood Gem-Studded Robe (Icon)

Blood Knight / Blood Elven Warrior (Icon)

Blood Knight HElven Variant 1 (Icon)

Blood Knight HElven Variant 2 (Icon)

Blood Knights Tabard / Heraldry (Icon)

Blood Sphere (Icon)

Book (Icon)

Books (Icon)

Bronze Dragon Claw (Icon)

Call to Arms / Gauntlet / Greatsword of Sin'dorei (Icon)

Casting Hand Variant 1 (Icon)

Casting Hand Variant 2 (Icon)

Collect Essence / Dark Sacrifice / Frost Touch (Icon)

Crystal Arrow (Icon)

Dark Binding (Icon)

Dark Bolt (Icon)

Dark Cultist / Necromancer Variant 1 (Icon)

Dark Grasp (Icon)

Dark Pact / Unholy Restoration (Icon)

Dark Ray (Icon)

Dark Resolve / Unholy Punch (Icon)

Dark Touch / Unholy Strike (Icon)

Darkfallen Magister (Icon)

Darkfallen/Wretched Sorceress / Lyandra Sunstrider (Icon)

Defiled Skull (Icon)

Deflect Fel (Icon)

Desecrate Nature (Icon)

Dissection Tools (Icon)

Dragonbone / Necrotic Staff (Icon)

Dragonhawk (Icon)

Drain Fel (Icon)

Drain Life / Final Embrace (Icon)

Drain Soul / Chilling Grasp (Icon)

Drakkari Necromancer / Bwomsandi (Icon)

Drakkari Witch (Icon)

Elder Nadox Variant 1 (Icon)

Elven Apprentice (Icon)

Elven Arcanist (Icon)

Elven Arcanist HElven Variant 1 (Icon)

Elven Arcanist HElven Variant 2 (Icon)

Elven Arcanist HElven Variant 3 (Icon)

Elven Archer Male / Farstrider (Icon)

Elven Archer Male Farstrider HElven Variant 1 (Icon)

Elven Archer Male Farstrider HElven Variant 2 (Icon)

Elven Armour HElven Variant 2 (Icon)

Elven Armourer (Icon)

Elven Armourer HElven Variant 1 (Icon)

Elven Broker / Thief / Farstrider (Icon)

Elven Broker Thief Farstrider HElven Variant 1 (Icon)

Elven Broker Thief Farstrider HElven Variant 2 (Icon)

Elven Cleric (Icon)

Elven Cleric HElven Variant 1 (Icon)

Elven Cleric HElven Variant 2 (Icon)

Elven Coroner (Icon)

Elven Crusader (Icon)

Elven Enchanter (Icon)

Elven Knight (Icon)

Elven Magister (Icon)

Elven Sentinel (Icon)

Elven Sentinel HElven Variant 1 (Icon)

Elven Sentinel HElven Variant 2 (Icon)

Elven Spellbender (Icon)

Elven Spellbreaker Female (Icon)

Elven Spellbreaker Male (Icon)

Energized Wings (Icon)

Enwebbed Wretched (Icon)

Eradicate / Drain Life / Turn Wretched (Icon)

Eversong Lynx (Icon)

Fel Crystal (Icon)

Fel Crystal HElven Variant (Icon)

Fel Crystal Holy Variant (Icon)

Fel Crystal Void Variant (Icon)

Felblood Elf (Icon)

Felblood Elf Orange Variant (Icon)

Felblood Elf Variant 2 (Icon)

Felblood Elf Variant 2 Highborne Variant (Icon)

Felblood Elf Variant 2 NElf / Wretched Variant (Icon)

Felblood Wretched (Icon)

Felblood Wretched Variant 2 (Icon)

Felblood Wretched Void-Infused Variant (Icon)

Female Necromancer / Shadow Priest (Icon)

Final Breath (Icon)

Forsaken Shadow Priest / Arcanist (Icon)

Gauntlet / Sin'dorei Punch (Icon)

Gem-Studded Robe (Icon)

Ghoul (Icon)

Grasp of Death (Icon)

Halduron Brightwing (Icon)

Halduron Brightwing HElven Variant 1 (Icon)

Halduron Brightwing HElven Variant 2 (Icon)

Hawkstrider (Icon)

Hawkstrider Armour (Icon)

Hawkstrider Caretaker (Icon)

Hawkstrider Caretaker HElven Variant 1 (Icon)

Hawkstrider Caretaker Solo (Icon)

Hawkstrider Caretaker Solo HElven Variant 1 (Icon)

Healing Touch (Icon)

High Elf Priest (Icon)

High Elven Warrior Variant 2 (Icon)

Koltira Deathweaver / High Elven Warrior (Icon)

Lady Liadrin / Blood Matriarch HElven Variant 1 (Icon)

Lady Liadrin / Blood Matriarch HElven Variant 2 (Icon)

Lady Liadrin Variant 1 / Blood Matriarch (Icon)

Lady Liadrin Variant 2 (Icon)

Lor'themar Theron (Icon)

Lor'themar Theron HElven Variant 1 (Icon)

Mana Chest (Icon)

Meat Wagon (Icon)

Necromancer Variant 2 (Icon)

Nerubian Carapace / Armour (Icon)

Nerubian Claws / Magic (Icon)

Nerubian Crypt Fiend (Icon)

Nerubian Crypt Fiend Variant 2 (Icon)

Nerubian Crypt Lord (Icon)

Nerubian Flyer / Clawmaster (Icon)

Nerubian Locust (Icon)

Nerubian Seer (Icon)

Nerubian Spawnguard (Icon)

Nerubian Spiderling / Venomous Spider (Icon)

Nerubian Vizier / Elder Nadox Variant 1 (Icon)

Pensive Elf (Icon)

Pensive Elf HElven Variant 2 (Icon)

Pensive Elf Variant 1 (Icon)

Phoenix (Icon)

Phoenix Variant 2 (Icon)

Phoenix Variant 3 (Icon)

Potion Bag (Icon)

Potion Bag Variant 2 (Icon)

Potion Belt (Icon)

Potion Belt Variant 2 (Icon)

Potion Bottle (Icon)

Prismatic Elemental / Power Overwhelming (Icon)

Prismatic Flame (Icon)

Prismatic Ice (Icon)

Profane Armour (Icon)

Profane Clothing (Icon)

Quel'Dorei Longbow (Icon)

Quel'Dorei Warstaff (Icon)

Rally! (Icon)

Ras Frostwhisper / Frosty Lich (Icon)

Risen Troll (Icon)

San'layn Warrior / Elven Enforcer (Icon)

Sanlayn Enforcer Blood-Infused Variant (Icon)

Sanlayn Enforcer HElven Variant (Icon)

Shadow Elemental / Essence of Darkness (Icon)

Shadow Infusion (Icon)

Shadow Ray / Shadow Blast / Dark Beam (Icon)

Shadow Rebirth (Icon)

Shadow Spear (Icon)

Shadow Surge (Icon)

Shadow Surge Variant 2 (Icon)

Shadow Surge Variant 3 (Icon)

Silvermoon Pavement (Icon)

Sin'dorei Longbow (Icon)

Sin'dorei Orb of Translocation (Icon)

Sin'dorei Quarterstaff (Icon)

Sin'dorei Shield / Crest of Blood (Icon)

Sin'dorei Warstaff (Icon)

Skeletal Archer (Icon)

Skeletal Mage (Icon)

Soul Grasp (Icon)

Spectral Troll (Icon)

Spellbreaker Male Variant 2 (Icon)

Spirit Blast / Energy Slam (Icon)

Steal Soul (Icon)

Thassarian (Icon)

The Moon (Icon)

Translocation Instructor (Icon)

Troubled Elf (Icon)

Troubled Elf HElven Variant 1 (Icon)

Troubled Elf HElven Variant 2 (Icon)

Undead Clothing / Sapphire Amulet (Icon)

Undead Infused Troll (Icon)

Underlight Mine Brute / Blighted Gnoll (Icon)

Underlight Mine Gnoll / Gnoll Necromancer (Icon)

Unholy Bind (Icon)

Unholy Strength (Icon)

Val'kyr (Icon)

Val'kyr Variant 2 (Icon)

Vampiric Touch / Wretched Clothing (Icon)

Void/Wretched Arcanist (Icon)

Voodoo Grasp (Icon)

Voodoo Hexer (Icon)

Voodoo Infusion (Icon)

Voodoo Necklace (Icon)

Voodoo Necromancer (Icon)

Voodoo Skull (Icon)

Voodoo Spirit (Icon)

Wither / Fel Power / Demonic Empowerment (Icon)

Wretched Variant 4 (Icon)

Wretched Void/Arcane-Infused Variant (Icon)