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maps where you have to think instead of micro?

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Level 6
Jul 21, 2011
can you please tell me some maps where theres not a lot of unit micromanagment and thinking and strategy are prefered

Dr Super Good

Spell Reviewer
Level 63
Jan 18, 2005
Azeroth Wars, the older versions before they were destroyed by tactical control points. It is a multiplayer slightly competitive map with FFA and diplo elements to it making it a blast to play with friends.

SWAT Aftermath where you control mostly a single unit with powerful abilities to complete objectives with limited resources against ever toughing Undead units. To win harder modes you need to work as a team, plan and execute everything tactically. Since you usually control only 1 unit micro management is not an issue. Just avoid Tactician, Maverick, Umbrella Clone, Technician and Heavy Ordinance as they are slightly more micro heavy with many units.

Most hero defence and tower defence maps are also all about planning with limited micro requirements. Avoid tower wars competitively however as that requires you to micro manage tower targets, something you really do not want to have to do.

RPGs such as TKoK are also all about planning. Defeating the harder bosses requires team work and organization. You are also limited to a single hero so no concern about micro management.

Any AoS (what silly people call "MOBA"s) map such as DotA Allstars is also all about tactics and planning of a single unit rather than microing an army. Some such as EotA and some versions of DotA Allstars have AI to mess around with.

Many tactical maps which involve unit spam (some "Risk" or "World War" maps) also depend more on tactics rather than micro. The spam can start to need massive micro however if it becomes too large as it can be difficult with the poor performing UI of WC3 to control such armies however this is only an issue at high end competitive play.

You could also play hero arenas such as DBZ Tribute Ultra and its rips/clones. Again they focus on strategies with control over a single hero unit which you need to optimize to win against other single units.
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