Map Corruption? Or is this something else?

Level 9
Jul 1, 2005
Okay, the map is completed, characters, sounds, and items are edited correctly, and everything is saved.

The problem comes with when the characters level to 6th sometimes their abilities fail to be operable. You cannot select their abilities at the levels they are set for.

Items - Sometimes Items also behave wonky, especially the custom made stuff, as in you can't use it at all, to you can use it and it does something it wasn't told to do. Like replacing mana when it was a special heal potion.

Sound Mp3's are set to play on map initilization. The map is saved, and works the first 20 times before upruptly 'breaking' and starts not working at all. The triggers stop functioning as they were suppose to and the music doesn't play.
Level 2
Jul 28, 2005
I had two of those problems before.

one of em is that abillities refuse to function.I figiured out the problem.If I Use the pre-made abillities in the editor and make thier levels higher then 5,the abillity is useless.I created a new abillity from the same abillity and it worked fine.

The other thing was music or something.Will u see,the map was too slow for me,so when I put multiple triggers in map int,wierd stuff started to happen.I added a waiting period and tings were back on track.


Level 75
Oct 6, 2004
That reminds me of a problem I had when I was talking to Dan.
I was making this tree tag. Then suddenly (I don't know what happened) but when I tested the map, NO triggers AT ALL would do anything. This started to annoy me (and DAN). so I tried to export ALL triggers to a file and then import them again. Didnt work :(.
Then I tried to remove all triggers one after one (I surely had a backup ;))
Then I tried copy/paste each trigger into an older version, THAT HELPED. YIPPIE!!#"!
I don't know what caused that bug but it helped copy/paste'ing them each to an older version.
I had this problem yesterday with WH40k TD so it was exhausting work to copy/paste it all.
BTW, for people when this happen. Put all TRiggers in ONE category and then copy the category, Put it into a new map and the variables are there too. Remember. ALL variables which are arrays, will be array 1 after this, so you have to reconfigure them so they are the amount of array you want.




omg Rasmus. I've seen how many triggers there are in wh40k. I feel the pain ARRg