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making part of 24bit TGA transparent via MDL editing

Discussion in 'Modeling & Animation' started by EdwardElric, May 11, 2015.

  1. EdwardElric


    Jun 19, 2010
    talked with MasterHaosis in chat & searched forum, but my problem couldn't be answered yet, so here it is.

    i want to know, if it is possible to make a part of a 24bit TGA texture transparent by using Material Layers inside the MDL (and of course if it is possible, how).

    - 1 file "alpha1.tga" which is a 32 bit TGA with alpha channel with black & white parts, sized 4x4 pixel. the 1st row of pixels in the alpha channel is black (transparent) while the 2nd till 4th row are white (solid).
    - 1 file "alpha2.tga" which is a 32 bit TGA with alpha channel with black & white parts, sized 4x4 pixel. the 1st & 2nd row of pixels in the alpha channel are black (transparent) while the 3rd & 4th row are white (solid).
    - 1 file "alpha3.tga" ...
    - 1 file "alpha4.tga" ...
    - 1 file "red.tga" which is a 24 bit TGA with no alpha channel, sized 4x4 pixel & completely red (RGB=255,0,0).
    - in the MDL i tried to use a Material like:
    Code (Text):
        Material {
            Layer {
                FilterMode Blend,
                static TextureID 40,//32 bit TGA
            Layer {
                FilterMode None,
                static TextureID 32,//24 bit TGA
    but the 24 bit TGA keeps completely solid. also tried some different FilterModes, but all i figured out was to make parts of the 24 bit TGA become black or white.

    the real problem behind:
    - i have many other 24 bit TGA files sized 4x4 pixel with different gradient colors
    - i want to make Sequences where they are invisible by default & blend in by showing 1 row of pixels each 100 Frames. (so it would take 400 Frames to show the complete 4x4 pixel big 24 bit TGA texture: 0: show 1st row; 100: show 2nd row; 200: show 3rd row; 300: show 4th row)
    - i know i can create one 32 bit TGA for every transparent row with appropriate alpha channel setup, but first i wanted to be sure if there isnt an easier/quicker way

    hope i could describe this problem in an understandable way...

    chatted with MDL-god Rao Dao Zao :)
    his suggestions were:
    - Have a solid black plane over the top and roll it away so it slowly uncovers the thing you want?
    - Have a solid plane underneath and pull the "pixels" above ground to make them appear?
    - Put every row of pixels in a different geoset and just unhide them one by one?

    haha, cool, now that i added these infos here, i understood that i can use Raos 1st suggestion by using a copy of my background instead of a black pane (my whole wc3 environment is planed to be 2D, like old console games).
    - solved! with this workarround, otherwise i would have created lots of 32 bit TGAs...

    while working on it, i came across another solution!
    instead of using said suggestion from edit1, i'll go with following one in first place:
    - use MDL "TextureAnims" by using 32 bit TGAs customized to double height of origin 24 bit TGAs, where the top half has no texture & a black alpha channel (invisible) & the bottom half has the texture from the origin TGA & a white alpha channel (visible). export the Geoset by only showing the top invisible half of said textures on the Geoset. in the "TextureAnims" you can setup a "Translation" to move the texture upwards, slowly hiding the invisble part & showing the visible part growing from the bottom of the Geoset.
    more informations on "TextureAnims" explained from Rao Dao Zao in the following link under section "TVERTEXANIMS":

    grab a beer! :)
    Last edited: May 13, 2015