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Magma Magnataur

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Use the same technic than my Magma Diver. Hope U'll enjoy !
Plz give credits...
(skin asked by PsychoMagnataur. I know I musn't do request until my next holidays, one week and a half, but I was very interested in this one).

PATH : Units\Creeps\Magnataur\Magnataur.blp

I wait ur comments !!!

Magma Magnataur (Texture)

THE_END: Ah Magmaish Magnataur..say that 5 times fast




THE_END: Ah Magmaish Magnataur..say that 5 times fast
Level 13
Jul 28, 2004
if anyone opens the default skin and compare it with pins's one, it looks very drastic.

right..good job on butchering this skin.
3/4 of the skin is a recolor, you desatured/darkened a lot a lot of parts, mainly his fur. on his white horns, you made a new layer, made some symbols with a big black pen and lowered the opacity. on his face and on his body, where there was skin, you applied a fugly filter like you usualy do. the only bits of freehand you did are the lava cracks and a small part of his blade. on his blade, you did a grey shape, added black contours, and did a lame blurry shading that doesnt look like anything. his golden horn with the stitches looks like a golden filter or a weird pencil job with few dodged lines. the lava on his face looks remotly like lava, good job on that, but on his whole torso, it looks like nothing like lava, on half of his torso its yellow, and the other is redish. seriously, stop doing those recolors/filters, its even worse than a cnping.
Level 8
Oct 2, 2004

I pity you... :( :( :( :(

By the way, fix your stupid avatar, it looks really retarded and pisses me off!!
Since you like being a critic, i'm going to try it
first of all, that guy looks like he got nailed with a baseball bat a few times. that ugly thing that you call a woman must have been dead for at least 3 years now before baseballbatface dug her up and made out with her. mr.stupid's nose comes down too far (usually noses are lowest where they attach at the face) and his ear is just a line, with no detail. it looks like crypt-monster (the female) got her head burned off cause the only hair she has is POORLY drawn and sparse. also, it looks like that dudes neck is dying or something.

this was just an example of what you do to other people. thought I respect your ability, that doesn't mean that you are superior to everyone else and that doesn't give you the right to be a jerk. and what you call being a critic is just being a retard, it makes you look stupid.

I feel sorry for you...
Level 1
Mar 27, 2005
hey, im new and i love ur skins. but for wutever reason, wen i imported it to my map and restarted it, its all black with bands of the team color. if u culd help, it wuld b great. keep the good skins coming tho.