LOTR Conquest v 1.1

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Gumberbunbder (Maxley) Presents

Lord of the Rings Conquest
Created by Gumberbunbder (Maxley)

Map Info:

This Map Does Not Have AI, I do not know how to create AI.

-I created a Lotr Builder a few months back and uploaded it the Hive, but after a while I realized it wasn't the map I was trying to make and that I could do a lot better. What I have made here has taken the skeleton of my old game and entirely fleshed it out with a new terrain that no longer utilizes blizzard cliffs, a region capture system, a new system for obtaining lumber, a new unit counter system which is more advanced than my previous rock paper scissors version, and an overall game play that eliminates bunkering and forces expansion and conflict.

-Lord of the Rings Battle Conquest is a game where you choose a base and a race and then expand your empire by capturing regions (Outposts). You must be clever to defeat your enemy by using a wide variety of weaponry, units, and abilities throughout a strategic terrain layout.


A.) Unique Bases: Each base comes with a passive ability that can effect the way you play the game.

1.) Minas Morgul: +25% movement and attack speed to siege weapons.

2.) Minas Tirith: +5 armor to all friendly buildings.

3.) Belfalas: Friendly units near or within Belfalas regenerate 5 hit points per second.

4.) Umbar: +20% attack damage to all friendly elite units.

B.) Outpost System: Outposts serve several crucial purposes.

1.) Build Plots: Each outpost comes with at least 2 build plots allowing you to create more structures.

2.) Food Limit: Outposts increase your food limit by 15 points.

3.) Forward Base: Outposts allow you to create barracks and siege works closer to your enemy.

C.) Build Plot System: All structures are built on Build Plots which affects the gameplay in several ways.

1.) Eliminates Bunkering: Players cannot bunker in bases because they can only build a certain amount of structures within their base. Bases have between 6 and 8 Build Plots.

2.) Strategic Placement: Having a limit to how many structures you can make forces you to consider where you are building your farms and where you are building your barracks. If you are not using a structure you can self destruct it to make room for a different one.

3.) Encourages Raiding: Players will know where Outposts are and they will send units to try take them from you.

C.) Resources/Income: Gold and War Supplies (Lumber) are the two main resources.

1.) Gold: Obtained through building income structures (Farms, Slaughterhouses, Mine-shafts, War Tents). Each building produces 15 gold every 5 seconds. They will not produce gold until they are finished constructing.

2.) War Resources: Required to make advanced units such as elite units, ships, and powerful siege weapons as well as research upgrades and purchase items. War resources are obtained through training Trade Caravans.

3.) Trade Caravans: Are trained at outposts and produce War Supplies by patrolling between the Outpost and a nearby Trading Post.

4.) Upkeep: The more food you take up the higher your upkeep, causing your income structures to produce less gold.

C.) Elite Units: Are costly and limited, but can be vital in winning a battle.

1.) Ent of Fangorn (Elves): Everytime the Ent is attacked it gains increased movement and attack speed. After taking 100 hits, the Ent becomes fully enraged.



2.) Sindarin Ranger (Elves): A long ranged archer that becomes invisible when next to trees. Remains invisible while attacking.



3.) Mamukil (Haradrim): At full mana, the Mamukil can Rampage to a target location, killing all non-hero, non-elite units in its path (including your own units).



4.) Berserker (Isengard): Has Bladestorm and gains increased attack damage when killing enemy units.



5.) Swan Knight (Gondor): Uses the ability Glorious Charge to trample through nearby enemy units, dealing damage and knocking them back. Killing enemy units increases the Swan Knights armor.



6.) War Troll (Mordor): Can pick up a nearby friendly unit and either throw it at location, dealing damage and stunning units in an area, or eat it, restoring a percentage of the Troll's health. Has taunt and gains armor when killing enemy units.



7.) Grond (Mordor): The most powerful siege weapon in the game, destroys gates rapidly and has very high hit points and defense.



8.) Shield Breaker (Dwarves): When standing near other Shield Breakers, the Shield Breaker gains a resistance to Archer type damage. Can capture enemy towers. Has a secondary siege attack, making it an excellent unit for breaking through enemy defenses.



Each race has a unique Elite Siege Unit with a special form of attack.

C.) Extra Stuff: Lord of the Rings music and sounds, refined tooltips, effective hotkeys, and more.

1.) Hotkeys: They have been simplified to eliminate random hard to remember letters.

2.) Tooltips: I made sure all tooltips explain exactly what the unit or ability does and they are all grammatically correct.


Image Description:
Minas Tirith: 8 Build Plots / 21 Tower Plots / Exposed on most sides / Structures receive +5 armor


Image Description:
Minas Morgul: 6 Build Plots / 13 Tower Plots / Surrounded by moutains / Special Outpost directly behind Minas Morgul / Siege weapons move and attack 25% faster


Image Description:
Belfalas: 7 Build Plots / 15 Tower Plots / Starts with a Shipyard / Exposed to naval attack / Units within or near Belfalas receive 5 points per second faster hit point regeneration


Image Description:
Umbar: 7 Build Plots / 15 Tower Plots / Starts with a Shipyard / Exposed to naval attack / Protected by desert hills / Elite units receive +15% attack damage


Image Description:
The Desert of Umbar raises continual sand storms


Image Description:
Past Minas Morgul runs a river made vile with the filth from the evil fortress


Image Description:
This port near Belfalas can be captured to produce ships


Image Description:
This Outpost was captured by bringing its hit points down to 2000, Enemy structures were immediately removed


Image Description:
These Caravans were trained at an Outpost. When trained they automatically patrol to the nearest Trade Post and produce lumber when they return


Image Description:
Crossing through the river slows units movement and attack speed significantly


Image Description:
Elves and Uruk-Hai battle for control over this Outpost


Image Description:
Barrage Ships shoot multiple flaming arrows at land units


Change Log:

First Posted to the Hive

-Added 11 new units
-Added Marketplace building for trading lumber for gold
-Added Smaug spawns at 30,000 gold
-Added capture-able Fishing Ships that provide income
-Added new Loading Screen
-Changed lower train times for most units
-Changed Barrage Ship multishot ability nerfed
-Changed structures no longer invulnerable while building
-Changed reduced the cost of some elite units
-Changed Sauron has longer cooldowns
-Changed Sauron has more hit points
-Changed removed creeps guarding lower outpost
-Fixed some leaks
-Fixed Belfalas build plot unavailable to Haradrim


Special Thanks:
  • RandomKilla
  • Hayate
  • All the Beta Testers

  • AndrewOverload519
  • Callahan
  • Chaplain
  • Debode
  • Edge45
  • EM
  • Ergius
  • Eubz
  • Fingolfin
  • Freddyk
  • General Frank
  • Grey Archon
  • Hayate
  • HerrDave
  • Hexus
  • Himperion
  • Jet Fang Inferno
  • Kitabatake
  • Marcelo Hossomi
  • Mechanical Man
  • Mephestrial
  • Mike
  • Mythic
  • Olofmoleman
  • Proxy
  • R.A.N.G.I.T.
  • Red Baron
  • Sellenisko
  • sPY
  • Tranquil
  • UgoUgo
  • UncleFester
  • Will the Almighty
  • Amaruak
  • AndrewOverload519
  • Archangel_Tidusx
  • BananaHunt
  • Coinblin
  • Dalharukn
  • DarkFang
  • Golden-Drake
  • Hayate
  • Hemske
  • InfinityNexus
  • I3lackDeath
  • JollyD
  • Kelthuzad
  • Lelling
  • Marcos DAB
  • Muoteck
  • Mr. Goblin
  • Norinrad
  • Olofmoleman
  • Paladon
  • Palaslayer
  • [email protected]
  • R.A.N.G.I.T.
  • Sin'dorei300
  • Takakenji
  • The Panda
  • Uncle Fester
  • Fankster
  • Paladon's Jump System

Author's notes:

I host this game fairly often, my battlenet name is Gumberbunbder and I'm on east, PM if you want to play and i'll host it :)

Here's a preview of what I'll be adding soon!

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LOTR Conquest v 1.1 (Map)

17:48, 31st Dec 2015 StoPCampinGn00b: We decided in game that it'd be best to set this to needs fix while a map development thread springs up :)




17:48, 31st Dec 2015
StoPCampinGn00b: We decided in game that it'd be best to set this to needs fix while a map development thread springs up :)
Level 9
Sep 25, 2013
how do you even play the game it wont let me start it because every one is on the same team

There isn't AI so the other players aren't going to do anything. Also, you should be able to start the game, the players are all under the same force on the lobby screen but they aren't allied.

Ill be hosting this game today and tomorrow. Send me a message when you are on if you ant to play and I'll tell you the game name :)
Level 7
Sep 14, 2012
Like this game has new version ! Will test it later and tell you what I think.

I have a problem cant find the map on mmh ... have you added it already?
Also Lotr bfme is the name of another famous wc3 lotr map ... dont you think its better to change the name_? maybe Lotr conquest ?
Level 9
Sep 25, 2013
Also Lotr bfme is the name of another famous wc3 lotr map ... dont you think its better to change the name_? maybe Lotr conquest ?

I Didn't realize there was a famous Battle for Middle Earth map already, I'll check it out. I guess i'll change the name so as not to confuse people, good idea :)
If u want to test it with me Send me a message sometime today

Edit: I have the map uploaded on Entgaming.net its called Lotr Bfme v1.1 but I'm going to try and get it uploaded to MMH today