Looking for a Map

Level 2
May 19, 2008
I didn't feel this belonged in the map section since it was a question and not about the creation of a map, but:

This has been bugging me recently as I can't remember what this map was called and I've searched a couple of the databases though its been unfruitful thanks to unhelpful search tools so I figured why not just ask people who have played and are still very active. Due to computer issues I've lost my entire collection which was depressing as it also meant losing the map I was making, so I am unable to just search my own folder.

The map was an AOS/MOBA style map that was 6v6 and much larger than DotA. There were 4 or 5 lanes and each lane had multiple outpost areas in which once destroyed, you could purchase from you base buildings that you could then build on the ruins of the enemy outpost to be able to spawn troops there. I remember the map was somewhat mountainous and I can't remember any of the heroes that were used. I hope this enough of a description to go on. Thank you.
Level 8
Dec 11, 2012
You like it as hell, and yet you remember no hero name? Not much I can find in my map section. Btw, can you hint in something more... recognizeable.. anything... Commands, quests, or systems in it.